ACESO Phytocannabinoids Review


Here at, we pride ourselves in laying out the facts about every hemp-based and CBD-based company that we cover. This page has been dedicated to one specific company called Aceso. It contains a review of the ACESO company and a review of all their phytocannabinoid containing products.

Keep reading and find out more about this company, and their interesting approach to hemp, CBD and the strive for educating people on the benefits of these products.

Aceso CBD Review

The ACESO Overview

ACESO is founded with the healing and well-being in mind, seeing as it derives its name from the Greek goddess of healing. The ACESO brand is aimed at delivering beneficial products to its customers in the form of hemp products – beverage powder and spray – and make these readily accessible to everyone.

They use whole plant extracts in their products, and the ACESO products are designed with modification of the terpene and cannabinoids ratios in order for the finished product to be the best possible quality and bring the best for the consumer. The ACESO website also has a nice educational section where all the eager minds can find out more about hemp, CBD, terpenes, and more.

The ACESO company claims that they use merciless lab tests to follow the quality of their products, and anyone can get their hands on the results by requesting them via email.

Highlights of ACESO

The ACESO company has some pros and some cons, and here we’ll outline some of them:


  • Affordable prices
  • Lab test results available by batch (on request)
  • 30-day return option
  • Simple to use products
  • Nice educational content on the website


  • Currently no shipping out of the US
  • Limited product offer

Types Of Products

  • Sprays
  • Other CBDs

Quick Company Facts

Company Established: 2015

Company Name: Dixie Brands, Inc.

Hemp Origin: Colorado, USA

Product Price Range: $10 beverage powder and $70 spray ($)

Product Availability: All 50 U.S. states

Purchase Offers: Standard purchase, bulk, scheduled delivery

Lab Test Results: Available upon request

Support/Customer Service: Phone: (888)-297-1242, online contact form

Shipping Policy: Standard shipping via USPS

Return Policy: Unopened items can be returned within 30 days

Where to Buy: ACESO website

List of Available Products

Sprays & Beverage Powders

ACESO Coupon Code and Savings

The good people that have made ACESO are offering pretty affordable prices for their products – the beverage powders are $10, and the sprays are $70. With prices like these, there is no big need for a discount, but by subscribing to ACESO any user gets a nice 15% discount on their purchase.

The ACESO offer comes two types of products in three collections, as they call them: Calm, Soothe and Wellness. Here we will give a brief info about all of these, so make sure you read to the very end.

aceso calm powder

CALM beverage powder – the unique beverage powder packed in a sachet is based on passionflower and lavender and uses their calming effects along with 7.5mg of CBD, a mix of other hemp terpenes and CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) to help users ease tension and fight the everyday stresses. The Calm powder has extracts from grapefruit and lavender that also act on the nerves and provide a calming effect. The powder needs to be mixed with about 5 oz (150 ml) water. It should be used once a day and has a slight lemony taste.

aceso calm spray

CALM Spray – the CALM spray comes in a nice 30ml spray bottle containing 335mg of CBD per bottle, this product comes at a very reasonable price. It is fast-acting, just spray in the mouth and wait a few seconds before swallowing. The product has the same calming effects as the beverage powder, and the same composition: CBD, hemp terpenes, lavender and passionflower extracts, and CoQ10. It is intended to be used a max of four times per day.

aceso soothe beverage powder

SOOTHE beverage powder – the Soothe beverage powder or satchel is specially designed to help with aches and pains and help throughout the day. It contains 7.5mg of CBD, a mix of hemp terpenes, and extracts from sour (tart) cherry, cinnamon and turmeric.

All these bring a soothing effect to the body, helping with pain relief with the addition of glucosamine to help with joint pain. The satchel should be dissolved in about 5 oz (150 ml)of water. It has a slight orange and tangy taste and should be used once a day.

aceso soothe spray

SOOTHE Spray – an oral spray specifically designed to help with pain relief and bring soothing effects. The 30 ml bottle contains 335mg of CBD extract along with a mix of hemp terpenes and extracts from sour cherry, cinnamon, turmeric, bromelain, and glucosamine. The spray should be used orally, three pumps in the mouth for a max of four times per day. It acts fast as it gets absorbed in the mouth.

aceso wellness powder

WELLNESS beverage powder – the specially designed formula helps with wellness, promotes energy, and improves the mood. Every satchel contains 7.5mg of CBD extract along with a mix of several hemp terpenes and extracts from lemon, capsaicin, and vitamins B, C, D, and zinc. The satchel should be dissolved in 5 oz of water, and taken one per day. This powder has a slight lemony-spicy taste.

aceso wellness spray

WELLNESS Spray – the Wellness spray contains 335mg of CBD extracts in a 30 ml bottle. This spray also contains a mix of hemp terpenes, limonene, orange oil, capsaicin, and a vitamin blend, all mixed in specific blend intended to increase energy levels, and improve general mood. The spray should be used for a max of four times per day and sprayed into the mouth where it gets absorbed and spreads throughout the body and acts fast at improving general wellness.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts Are To Try Them!

If you’re looking for a convenient powder solution then Aceso might be the brand of choice. CannaInsider rated this brand as a 4.1 out of 5.0, and that’s good enough of a rating for a recommendation. Consumer Health Digest slammed the brand, but they actually slam most products that they review. Try it out and let us know what you think about it!

By Aceso Products

Have you purchased the ACESO products? Please share your ratings with us on the brand and leave a comment below.

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  1. These powders are about as convenient as it gets. Sure, it’s a low dosage of CBD but they are travel-friendly and great for anyone that wants to introduce themselves to a cannabidiol containing product. Having tried lots of them, I will happily vouch for this one.

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