Vape Pens For Beginners (Nicotine Free Options)


This is an article where I will outline my findings on the top vape pens for beginners that contain no nicotine. These are an excellent option for people just looking into vaping without any hit of nicotine.

Some may just like the flavors of the e-juices, some like the oral fixation that comes with smoking, and some just do it for the fun of it. No matter the cause that has brought you into vaping, it is good that you have selected the no–nicotine option.

toplist of nicotine free vape pens

Beginners Vape Pen Kits

The no-nicotine vape kits are not that different than the ones containing nicotine. The most important part is to select an e-juice that contains 0mg of nicotine. You can experiment with flavors and enjoy vaping without any fear of using nicotine.

To get a good vape pen, you’ll need to look into one that produces consistent vapors. The consistent, smooth vapors will not aggravate your throat and will enhance the flavors of the e-juice you’ve selected. Another thing to look for is good battery life. You wouldn’t want to take a few hits and need to recharge your pen immediately.

Below we have outlined my picks for the best beginners vape kits with no nicotine. Keep reading and find the one that is best suited for you.

VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit Bundle

The VaprorFi Rocket 3 is the best device for introduction into vaping. The best thing about it is that it produces smooth, consistent vapor clouds. And when selecting the nicotine-free option, you get an even better feeling with smooth flavorful vapors without any harshness to the throat.

The Starter Kit Bundle arrives at your doorstep with 30 ml e-juice, but you get to select the flavor that is most appealing to you. You can even get a custom blend made, and with over 30,000 combos of flavors, you will truly be amazed.

The tank of the VaporFi Rocket 3 is top filling and can accommodate 3.5ml of e-juice. The top filling design is more practical and simpler to fill, and there is a sub ohm atomizer inside that provides excellence during vaping.

The provided atomizers are in the range between 0.1 and 0.5 ohms (one 0.1 and five 0.5 atomizers) that will last you for a long time. Another great thing on this vape pen is the battery – a 2,500mAh capacity that lasts for a full day of vaping before the need to recharge it.

Considering the price, the battery life, the tank and the multiple possibilities in selecting e-juice flavors, this is the overall best vape pen for beginners. See the company review before buying.

Kangertech SubVod Bundle

Another starter vape kit, the SubVod by Kangertech is a proper choice for a beginner in vaping. The starter kit is sold with a 30ml bottle of VaproFi’s Catch Ya Latte flavored e-juice. This is an excellent choice for beginners that are looking into vaping without nicotine, and want to enjoy amazing flavors. I personally love the Kangertech Top Evod, but the starter kit is cool too!

The tank can accommodate 3.2ml of e-juice that is filled from the top. This is easy and simple to do, facilitating the whole process of vaping. There are five 0.5 ohm atomizers provided in the kit, easy and simple to replace, which is very important for a beginner in vaping.

The battery is 1,300mAh, which will not last a whole day of constant vaping, but if you are just starting out, then this is perfect for the beginners and casual vapers.

VaporFi Pro 3 Bundle

Another entry from VaporFi, and with a good right. The Pro 3 Bundle is another good choice for a beginners vape kit, as it comes with a choice in e-juice flavor – a choice from over 30,000 vape juice flavors, and you get three different flavors with your starter kit.

A 2.5ml capacity tank that is easy to fill. You get a total of 30 ml of e-juice in three flavors that you can split into three bottles of 10ml, two bottles of 20 and 10ml or a single flavor in a 30ml bottle. All the flavors are nicotine-free, which is great for the people just starting to vape.

The battery is not as powerful as the other two entries on this list, with just 1000mAh, but it is still enough to get you through a whole day of casual vaping. Just to mention that if you like to constantly vape, you’ll need a vape kit with a long-lasting battery.

Eleaf iJust2 Kit

Unlike the other entries on this list, the Eleaf iJust2 Kit does not come with the vape juice included. That is why this one is significantly cheaper than the other entries. But the iJust2 vape pen is just as good as the other ones on this list.

The tank on this pen can take 5.5ml of e-juice which is a very good size for a vape pen tank. The battery is 2600mAh, which easily lasts for a whole day before the need of recharging. This beginners pen does not come with the e-liquid included in the initial offer, but considering the price, this is by far the most affordable vape pen. And you can always order e-juice, just remember to get the 0mg nicotine option.

The Eleaf iJust2 Kit also comes with two atomizers: one 0.5 and one 1.0 ohm. Due to the price and the vape pen you get, this is a good choice for a beginner in vaping that only wants to test the waters before fully delving into full-time vaping.


All the entries on my list are aimed at the beginner in vaping. If you have not reached a decision about vaping, and you just want to try if this is for you, then the nicotine-free e-juices used with one of the devices outlined here is the way to go.

I may be biased, but it is my honest opinion that if you can afford it, go for the Rocket 3 Started Bundle, as you will get an unmatched vaping experience with the custom VaporFi e-juice flavor blends.

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