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I did a truly in-depth review of the Sensei CBD brand and its products. From everything I learned, I have some mixed feelings about this CBD brand. They say that they use US-grown hemp, which is good, but they don’t say how they make the product. There are full-spectrum and isolate products, but with confusing explanations. All this may be due to their inexperience in the business, but for me to give them a positive review, they will need to fix the immediate issues regarding lab tests, and extraction methods used and the price points, as there are currently products from already established CBD brands for a more affordable price.

I have selected Sensei CBD as a topic for today’s review. I took a deeper look into the company, analyzed its process, company culture and products. So, here is everything I have learned about Sensei CBD.

The Sensei CBD Oil Brand

Founded in 2018, this CBD brand was born from the idea that people benefit from CBD. It is the result of the joint effort of two friends that have positive personal experience with CBD, and their wish to share their success with the world.The company has disclosed that they use Kentucky-grown hemp that is organic and GMO-free to produce their products. They also state that their products are made with ultra-purified CBD, right here in the USA, but they don’t share the actual extraction method they use.

They have both full-spectrum products and CBD isolate products. The full—spectrum products have a small amount of THC that is still below 0.3%, where the CBD isolate products have zero amount of THC.

The company has a straightforward purchase policy, with free shipping on orders over $70 and a 14-day return option. However, they lack several important aspects, the most important being third-party lab tests with transparently published results. They ship all across the USA and in EU countries where CBD is legal.


The Sensei CBD product offer is varied, with CBD oil, CBD vape liquid, CBD edibles, CBD capsules and pills, CBD cream and CBD oil for pets. Here I’ll bring you a detailed overview of their most popular products.

CBD Oil Concentrations

The CBD oils from Sensei CBD come in two versions – full-spectrum CBD oil and a CBD isolate oil.

The full-spectrum CBD oil is made by using the full-spectrum hemp extract that contains all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This blend has the “entourage effect”, meaning all the ingredients have their benefit and add to the overall effectiveness of the CBD oil.

These come in CBD concentrations of 500 mg/30 ml bottle, 1000 mg/30 ml bottle, 1500 mg/30 ml bottle and their most potent blend contain 5000 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle. To improve the natural grassy taste of the full-spectrum CBD oil, Sensei CBD adds peppermint oil to their CBD oils, for a pleasant, subtle minty flavor.

The isolate CBD oils are made from pure CBD isolate dissolved in natural hemp oil along with peppermint oil for improved taste. These contain 0% THC, making them ideal for people that have THC intolerance or live in areas where THC use is prohibited.

Same as with the other type of CBD oil, the isolate CBD oils by Sensei CBD come in different concentrations: 500 mg/30 ml bottle, 1000 mg/30 ml bottle and 1500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle.

CBD Capsules and Pills

The Sensei CBD catalog has CBD capsules on their offer, made from full-spectrum CBD extract along with natural, GMO-free, vegan ingredients and with less than 0.03.% THC. Each capsule has 25 mg of CBD per capsule and is packed in a bottle with 30 capsules.

Sensei CBD’s CBD pills, as listed on the catalog, are made with pure CBD isolate and contain 0% THC. These are also made with natural, GMO-free ingredients and are completely vegan and packed in a bottle with 30 pills.

Both products could provide relief with pain, symptoms of anxiety, help improve sleep, and help with other health concerns, the difference is in the terpenes present in the full-spectrum capsules and absent in the CBD pills.

CBD Cream

A blend of 500 mg isolate CBD oil, 10% Emu oil and an array of other natural extracts and essential oils, this CBD cream can provide relief from pain, inflammation, skin irritation, and even skin rejuvenation. The CBD cream is made from CBD isolate produced Kentucky-grown hemp and is completely GMO-free.

The plant extracts and Emu oil help support the pain-relieving properties and support skin regeneration, even helping the smoothing out of wrinkles. The cream has a subtle menthol scent and a slight cooling effect.

CBD Vape Oil

Vaping CBD is an effective way to get a good amount of CBD into the blood and fast. The Sensei CBD vape liquid is made with 500 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle and contains no THC. It is made from organic ingredients and it could bring relief for many health concerns like anxiety, pain, and arthritis can help improve sleep and more.

The Sensei CBD vape liquids are made with a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, CBD isolate and natural flavors: natural citrus and a berry burst flavor.

CBD Gummies

Sensei CBD makes CBD edibles, these are in the form of CBD-infused gummies. Each gummy contains 20 mg of CBD isolate and a combination of ingredients like citric acid, corn syrup, gelatin, pectin, carnauba wax, vegetable oil, and natural and artificial colors and flavors.

These gummies are intended to bring relief to pain, anxiety and other issues while tasting good. The gummies are GMO-free, vegan and have zero THC. Also, these come in a pack of 25 gummies per bottle and a pack of 50 gummies.

Pros and Cons

When researching the Sensei CBD brand, I noticed some pros and some cons that I’ll share here.

The Pros

  • US-grown hemp: the company says that they use Kentucky-grown hemp which shows their support of domestic farming. Also, all US hemp farms adhere to the strict laws regarding hemp farming, producing high-quality hemp.
  • Full-spectrum and Isolate products: to satisfy a wide array of customers, this company makes full-spectrum CBD products and CBD isolate products. The full-spectrum ones have a small amount of THC, but within legal limits, while the CBD isolate products have no THC.
  • Good customer support: the company has good customer support, as they answer their emails and respond to messages on their social media. There is also a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • The extraction process is not disclosed: I have no concerns that Sensei CBD uses a good extraction process, but they have not disclosed it online. People that are buying CBD oil want to know how their product was made, and this is something I would like to see mentioned on their website.
  • Lack of independent lab tests: Sensei CBD may perform lab tests of their products in third-party labs but they have no mention of anything like this on their website. This may be an oversight or maybe they have something they don’t want their customers to know. Either way, this is not something I can easily overlook.

Conclusion & Final Truth

Sensei CBD is a relatively new player in the CBD market. That means that either they are not still well-familiar with the expectations of the customers or they are not fully prepared to deal with the demands of the market. Their prices are on the expensive side, and this along with some inconsistencies in the text on the website don’t exactly say a lot of positive things for this CBD brand.

Still, I read some positive reviews on their website, which could be fake as there are only good reviews. A note on this, if a company wants to be truly transparent, they should publish all reviews, no matter positive or negative and publish lab test results and extraction methods used, as these are facts people care about.

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