Receptra Naturals Review

I did good research into Receptra Naturals and their offered products. This CBD brand knows its business, and they offer high-quality products made from organic ingredients, use full-spectrum CBD extracts, and do third-party lab tests. Even though a little on the expensive side, I think that the Receptra Naturals products are worth trying.

I’m one of the many people who have tried CBD as a supplement for dealing with some health issues and improving my overall health condition. But I’m most definitely not the only one, as there are many famous people out there that have become avid supporters of the use of CBD products.

The greatest advantage CBD offers to professional athletes is that even though CBD is very helpful in pain management, it does not cause addiction and is very effective in weaning people from opioid medication. Since many professional athletes inadvertently become addicted to opioid drugs, the use of non-addictive solutions like CBD is quite evident.

That is why many CBD companies have aimed their campaigns in catering to athletes and many athletes have become spokesmen for CBD. For today’s topic, we have taken Receptra Naturals, a CBD brand that makes and offers a good array of CBD products with an excellent company mission.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oils

The Receptra Naturals CBD Brand

Receptra Naturals was founded in Colorado in 2015, by a certain Rusty Scott, who after suffering an unfortunate accident, found relief in CBD instead of taking the easy way out by using prescription opioid medication and risking becoming addicted. After testing many CBD products, he was inspired to start his company and make the high-quality CBD product that would work best for him.

Thus, Receptra Naturals was born.The company uses industrial hemp grown organically on Colorado farms to produce their CBD-based products. They use ethanol extraction to draw out all the useful components from the dry hemp stock and they perform extensive tests in independent labs for quality, purity, and consistency. There is a page on their website where you search the exact test result per the batch number on your product.

Receptra Naturals has a good guiding principle: the truth is curative, meaning they believe in their product and work on creating and delivering a good quality product that people can get relief from.

There’s a military appreciation program where all active and retired personnel get a 15% discount on all Receptra Naturals products. The Receptra Gives program is devoted to donating part of the company’s proceeds to charitable organizations like Boarding for Breast Cancer and Mission K9.

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

  • Pets

Quick Facts About The Company

Company Established Date: 2016

Official Company Name: Receptra Naturals LTD

Hemp Origin: America (Colorado)

Product Price Range: $$-$$$

Product Availability: Available In All 50 States (US Only)

Purchase Offers: One-Time Purchase

Lab Test Results: Yes. The Lab-Tests are available for readers on their official website

Support / Customer Service: Phone / Online Chat / Email

Shipping Policy: FedEx Air / FedEx Ground / Priority Mail / Expedited Shipping

Return Policy: If the customers are not satisfied with the product they purchased, they have a 30 day period the return it with a full refund.

Where To Buy: Company Website / Select Online Retailers

Receptra Health and Wellness Coupon Code

Coupons for Receptra products can be found on various websites, or by purchasing some of the products. The whole process is very simple. First, you have to copy the coupon code. Then, you can choose the product you like to purchase. After you add the product to the cart, you can see an empty space where you can paste the code. Next, click on “Apply Coupon” section, and that’s it, you have a discount for the product.


The company made a redesign of their label and packaging recently, creating a new look of their products. Here is an overview of their most notable products.


Receptra Naturals produces three types of CBD oils: Serious Relief, Serious Rest, and Seriously Relax.

  • The Serious Relief CBD Tincture is made in two versions, a broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. The one with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract has 0% THC and contains 33 mg of CBD per 1 ml dose, packed in a bottle of 30 ml – 30 doses or 990 mg of CBD per bottle. The full-spectrum version has the same amount of 33 mg of CBD per dose with a slight THC content, but still within the legal limits. Both blends contain a complex mixture of all organic ingredients like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, sunflower and olive oil, turmeric as well as organic flavorings of berry and mint. The 33 mg of CBD per dose is the perfect dose to promote relief and recovery, as the name of this product suggests. These also come in 60 ml bottles with 33 or 66 mg of CBD per dose.
  • The Serious Rest CBD tincture is a blend of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and MCT carrier oil, along with organic ingredients like sunflower oil, linalool, valerian root extract, organic vanilla, and peppermint flavors and chamomile. All of these promote rest and help improve sleep and reduce stress. This product is packed in a bottle of 30 or 60 ml and has 25 mg of CBD per every 1 ml dose.
  • Serious Relax CBD Tincture is the third product of this kind by Receptra Naturals. This is a product made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and a blend of organic ingredients that promote calmness and relaxation like sunflower oil, passionflower extract, limonene, and lavender, as well as natural flavors of lime and ginger. This is also packed in bottles of 30 or 60 ml, and each dose contains 25 mg of CBD.

CBD Capsules

Receptra Naturals has two types of CBD capsules in their catalog.

  • Their Serious Rest gel capsules are made with 25 mg of CBD per capsule and are packed in a bottle with 30 capsules. These contain organic extracts and flavorings that support the intended effect, as well as gelatin and glycerin for the capsule.
  • The Serious Rest gel capsules come in a bottle of 30 capsules, each with 25 mg of CBD and an array of ingredients that help promote better sleep and rest. These include valerian root extract, linalool, vanilla, peppermint, and chamomile extracts.

CBD Topicals

Receptra Naturals produces topical creams and body oils with various CBD strengths and different sized packages.

Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted topical is made with full-spectrum CBD extract along with mango butter, coconut oil, jojoba and arnica oils, vitamin e, jasmine, ylang-ylang, camphor, and beeswax. This topical cream comes in a 1.25-ounce jar with 400 mg of CBD and a 2.5-ounce jar with 800 mg of CBD. This product comes in a THC-free version, made with broad-spectrum CBD oil with 400 mg of CBD per jar.

Seriously Relax + Arnica Body Oil is a blend of natural ingredients that help relax the body while bringing luxurious feeling and deep moisturizing effect to the skin. This product is packed in a bottle of 4 ounces with 200 mg of CBD per bottle, along with MCT carrier oil, lavender and vanilla fragrance oils, arnica and jojoba oil, vitamin E and camphor. It comes in a double-sized bottle – 8 ounces and 400 mg of CBD per bottle.

CBD Pet Products

Receptra Naturals has not forgotten the little furry friends, and they offer two types of CBD pet products: a pet tincture with 16 mg of CBD per dose and a 25 mg of CBD per dose. These can be added to the food of the pet or put directly in the mouth of the pet. There is a recommended dosage per the weight of the pet.

Pros and Cons

During my research, I noticed several things about Receptra Naturals I consider pros and some I consider cons.


  • Organic, Colorado-grown hemp: the company is based in Colorado, so they take their pick of industrial hemp, only using one that has been grown organically and sustainably, for superior quality and consistency.
  • Full-spectrum products: Almost all of Receptra’s products are made from their full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, which has the bonus of the “entourage effect”, the collective benefits from all the natural compounds found in the hemp plant.
  • Pharmaceutical-grade ethanol extraction method: as many important extracts are made with ethanol extraction, Receptra Naturals has decided to use this extraction process, producing high-quality products
  • Good company policy: the company has a good practice of offering discounts to military personnel and to donate to charities.
  • Good customer service: there is a fast shipping option for the orders from Receptra Naturals, as well as prompt response to each email and the company is also available via phone, which is something I like.


  • High prices: The Receptra Naturals products come with relatively high prices, but this is understandable for the quality of the offered products. To help with this, there are regular discounts and sales, as well as coupon codes for faithful clients. This should not deter you from buying. Quality costs money.
  • Lab tests not readily available to anyone: The company does lab tests in third-party labs and they will send the lab tests to the customers that will ask for them by scanning the QR code on the label of the product. This too should not deter you from buying as they’re available with some digging.


With a great company motto, good practices, and a transparent relationship with its clients, Receptra Naturals is a really good CBD brand.

They have been around for the past 5 years, and in that time, they have learned all the ins and outs of this industry, like organic ingredients, lab tests in independent laboratories, fast shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as discount programs and charitable mission.

From all that I’ve seen and read about this company, this is one of the good ones, and if it fits your budget, you should give these a try.

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