Pure Science Lab Review

Pure Science Lab is a good CBD company, as they make a lot of high-quality products that are tested for purity and potency in independent labs. The product offer is very varied, and there is a selection between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products, so everyone can find the product most adequate to their condition. This is a brand with quality and devotion towards its clients and one that I support completely.

Many CBD brands were initially founded by people who have first-hand experience in the benefits of CBD. The same is the case with the founder of Pure Science Lab, who after suffering from Chron’s disease for years and not finding particular relief, decided to turn to alternative medicine and started using CBD.

Read on for my review of this brand, the analysis of its company practices, and its most notable products.

Pure Science Labs Review

The Pure Science Lab Brand Details

Pure Science Lab was founded in 2005 in Florida, and back in the day, this company focused on other types of products before settling on CBD-based products in 2014.

As I explained above, the founder of this brand, Steve suffered from Chron’s disease and tried every conventional medication offered. Finding little to no relief, he decided to try alternative medicine, trying a lot of things and finally finding great relief in CBD. Today, Pure Science Lab has a company mission of offering self-care treatments that work.

The company does not disclose the exact source of the industrial hemp they use, but state that they use US-grown hemp and utilize the supercritical CO2 extraction method to produce a pure, solvent-free extract. They use third-party labs to test their products for purity and potency, and the results are published online.

Pure Science Lab website is nicely organized, and it has a section where customers can browse the products by type or by condition, which can be helpful for people starting with CBD. The extensive catalog Pure Science Lab offers has reasonable prices, but there is also a military discount for up to 25%. This CBD company is a member of the Hemp Industries Association.


Pure Science Lab offers CBD tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, topical creams, and a variety of pet products. These come in varied CBD contents to fit the demands of many users.


pure science lab 400mg cbd-oil

The CBD oil offers by Pure Science Lab consists of CBD tinctures in several flavors and intended effects.

  • Pure400 is their most popular CBD oil. It is THC-free and made with a blend of broad-spectrum CBD oil, hemp oil, and MCT carrier oil. Packed in a travel-sized 15 ml bottle, this CBD oil comes with 400 mg of CBD and in unflavored, vanilla, and peppermint flavors.
  • Pure725 is THC-free CBD oil made with 725 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in a 15 ml bottle with a dropper. This oil is made with hemp oil and MCT carrier oil and comes unflavored, i.e. with the natural hemp flavor.
  • Pure1600 is made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract along with hemp oil and MCT carrier oil. Packed in a bottle of 30 ml with a dropper, this is a highly concentrated oil that is THC-free and according to plenty of positive reviews, quite the popular product.
  • Pure5000 is their most concentrated CBD tincture, with 5000 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle. This oil is made from broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract along with hemp oil and MCT carrier oil and is intended for people with severe symptoms and experience in using CBD.
  • Pure500 Sleep is their broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract blended with melatonin. Both ingredients help promote relaxation, plus melatonin is the sleep hormone able to help the body fall and stay asleep. Made with 500 mg of CBD in a 15 ml bottle, this product is THC-free.

CBD Edibles

pure science labs CBD edibles

Pure Science Lab makes a variety of edibles infused with CBD, as well as tea infused with a specialty blend of CBD.

  • Good Vibes Dark Chocolate Bites are infused with 15 mg of CBD per bite and come in either a pack of 5 or 30 bites. These are made with high-quality dark chocolate with 60% cocoa and are completely vegan, free from additives, and free from THC.
  • Good Vibes Dar Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites come in a bag of 4 bites, each with 15 mg of CBD, for a 60 mg total CBD. These are made with high-quality chocolate and are completely gluten and THC-free.
  • CBD Dark Chocolate Bar has 140 mg of CBD per bar, with 28 individual servings or 5 mg of CBD per square. This product is made with 60% cocoa, and all-natural, vegan ingredients.
  • CBD Gummies by Pure Science Lab are made with 15 mg of CBD per gummy and come in several flavors and corresponding shapes: sour worms, cola bottles, tasty watermelons, strawberry delights, rainbow stripes, and cherry rush. These come in individual packs of 6 and 10 gummies per pack or an assorted mix pack of 30 gummies.
  • CBD Pomegranate Tea is made with pomegranate chips, each chip infused with 15 mg of CBD. This is a different, but still a very tasty way of getting a good dose of CBD with every sip.

CBD Capsules

Pure Science Labs Capsules

Pure Science Lab makes two types of CBD capsules with different CBD contents, one made with a soft gel capsule and the other with a standard capsule casing.

  • The soft gel capsules are made with 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and come in a bottle of 30 capsules. These are vegetarian and infused with hemp oil.
  • Made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, these capsules contain 100 mg of CBD per capsule and come in a bottle with 10 and 30 capsules. These are very powerful, as, on top of the 100 mg of CBD, these contain all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

CBD Concentrates

hemp oil concentrate extract

Many companies sell 99%+ pure CBD isolate, as many people prefer to make CBD-infused products at home, like edibles, CBD cooking oil, CBD cosmetics, and more.

  • CBD Isolate: Pure Science Lab makes 99.9% pure CBD isolate either in powder or crystalline form. This product comes in packs of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 grams and is an excellent way of making your CBD products at home.
  • CBD Oral Applicator: this product is made with 41% of pure CBD or 410 mg of CBD per 1-gram applicator along with a blend of hemp oil and MCT carrier oil. It also comes in packs of 5 grams and 10 grams.

CBD Topicals and Skincare

Kanna Freeze

  • KannaFreeze CBD Pain Relief Gel: this CBD pain relief gel is made with 250 mg of CBD per 2-ounce tube. It is infused with 7% menthol for an instant, strong cooling effect and pain relief from the pure CBD oil and other botanical extracts like green tea, lemon, rose, witch hazel, queen-of-the-prairie, and yucca extracts.
  • Pure CBD Royal Skin Serum infused with CBD, this product is made with hyaluronic acid as well as 25% vitamin C, for an increased beneficial effect in brightening the skin and having anti-aging properties. This skin serum also has botanical extracts that help support skin health, smoothing of the wrinkles and aiding in rejuvenation.
  • CBD Skin Serum is made with CBD and a variety of botanical extracts for an increased moisturizing effect and aid in reducing the swelling and redness. This skin serum comes in a travel-sized jar of ¼ oz with 100 mg of CBD or a 30 ml pack with 200 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Dry Skin Oil Serum is made with 200 mg of CBD in a 30 ml pack and a proprietary blend of oils like argan, pomegranate, calendula, almond, sea buckthorn, and hemp oil, as well as manuka honey. This product needs to be applied directly to the affected area, promoting the healing of dry and cracked skin.

CBD Pet Products

Pure Science Labs Pet CBD Products

All animals have the endocannabinoid system, meaning they can benefit from the intake of CBD products. That is why Pure Science Lab has made several CBD products for pets.

  • CBD oil for Pets is made with 250 mg of pure CBD hemp extract in a blend of hemp oil and MCT carrier oil. This oil can be given directly in the mouth of the pet or added to their food.
  • CBD Pet Sweet potato and chicken jerky crunch are made with 2 mg of CBD per chew. This product is THC-free and can bring relief to inflammation, anxiety and help with stress-relief in your pet.
  • CBD Pet Soft Chews are made with 2 mg of CBD per chew as well as an array of ingredients that your dog will love. These come in a jar with 60 or 100 pieces.

Pros and Cons

Pure Science Lab has a long history in the neutraceuticals business, but they have been in the CBD business from 2015. So, here are the pros and cons I noticed about this brand.


  • Varied product offer: to satisfy the requirements of a varied customer base, Pure Science Lab has made a varied product catalog with CBD products for every user.
  • CO2 extraction: this extraction method is yielding the purest, medical-grade extract that keeps all the useful compounds from the hemp plant.
  • Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products: this company makes all kinds of products and there are the full-spectrum CBD hemp products with less than 0.3% THC and all the natural terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD hemp products with 0% THC but with all the natural hemp terpenes and the CBD isolate products made from their 99.9% pure CBD.
  • Independent lab tests: to test the purity and potency, Pure Science Lab utilizes the services of a third-party lab, publishing the results online. They also test for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
  • Military discount: the prices of the Pure Science Lab products are relatively affordable, but they still offer a 25% discount for all military personnel.


  • Limited information about the company and founder: the official website only shares the name of the founder and his struggle with Crohn’s disease, and offers very little detail about the company.
  • Source of hemp not disclosed: the company states that they make their products in the USA, and while they say that they use US-grown hemp, I did not find any info proving this.

Final Recommendation

From my research in the Pure Science Lab company and the analysis of their products, I was amazed at how meticulous they are about delivering products that work.

The company uses CO2 extraction to make the extracts which are the base for the many different CBD products Pure Science Lab brings to the market.

The company is devoted to its clients, with transparent lab tests published online, as well as regular discounts and coupon codes available to the users that will subscribe to their newsletter.

There is a generous 25% discount for military personnel. All in all, this is a CBD brand that I can freely support.

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