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Pain is never pleasant and can cause stress, leading to more serious conditions. The desperation of people trying to find relief from the annoying pain results in ingesting strong painkillers like OxyContin and other dangerously addictive pharmaceuticals.

CBD Fast-Acting “Cooling” Cream For Pain Relief

Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream
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If you are enduring localized pain caused by an injury, there is a cream that will put an end to your discomfort. Medterra kept this in mind and created a topical cream loaded with CBD along with other pain-relieving ingredients for instant pain relief.

Topical Cooling Cream

CBD has been known to deliver pain relief for quite some time and has other beneficial effects on the body. Paired with the healing properties of several organic ingredients, CBD Rapid Cooling Cream is the perfect remedy for sore muscles and joint pain.

The cooling cream comes in two versions with different CBD concentrations; a 250mg and a 750mg of CBD per 100ml (3.4oz) bottle. The other ingredients are the same in both versions and include tea tree extract, aloe vera leaf extract, sunflower seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, menthol, olive oil, basil leaf oil, rosemary leaf extract, lemon peel oil, and more.

Most of the ingredients are organic-certified and along with the pure CBD isolate, this cream makes for a robust cream that offers pain relief where you need it.

This cream can be used for relieving aches in the joints or muscles after a strenuous workout, soreness from injuries, and even arthritic pain. For example, if you’re a serious runner, then this might help ease that post-workout pain.

The hemp used for making the CBD isolate is grown in Kentucky, under the strict farming rules that ensure products obtained are free from GMOs and pesticide.

The cooling cream contains no THC and is lab tested for purity and quality control with the results readily published online on the official company website.

CBD Rapid Cooling Cream Experience

Topical pain relief creams have been used for years, but unlike regular cooling creams without CBD, creams containing CBD have a much greater effect. Knowing this, Medterra hatched the idea to create the Rapid Cooling Cream with CBD and it has become a fan-favorite with 5-star reviews.

Many people swear by this cream, as it has been the only product to offer pain relief after a long time of battling with persistent pain. Back pains, arthritic joints, bad knees, tendonitis and more, have all been soothed by this cream.

Medterra CBD Cream

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Soothe Your Pain

The CBD Rapid Cooling Cream by Medterra incorporates the healing effects of the CBD isolate along with many plant extracts that are known for their healing properties as well. I recommend you try this product as you will find relief for your sore muscles and joints, just as I have been soothing the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s worth every penny.

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