Haleigh’s Hope Review


The struggles a family went through to find relief for their child has brought forth the Haleigh’s Hope cannabis strain and a company of the same name. A CBD brand with a great and noble company mission, Haleigh’s Hope is a deserving of commendation.

They use organic hemp from Colorado, use the CO2 method to make their products and test for everything, ensuring their clients get the highest possible quality product. On the most expensive side of the spectrum, the Haleigh’s Hope botanical oils are most probably worth the price.

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Back to the review…

The plentiful benefits from CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids have been shown in many instances. Even the FDA has approved medicine for severe forms of epilepsy that is almost pure CBD.

So, it seems absurd that plenty of people are benefiting from the use of cannabinoids and finding relief to a growing number of ailments.

There are several examples where cannabinoids have become life-altering compounds that mean the difference between living in agony and having a semblance of a normal life.

One such example is the story of Janea Cox and her daughter Haleigh. Here I share their story and the brand that was founded in honor of the daughter, Haleigh’s Hope.

The Haleigh’s Hope Overview

The struggles for Janea Cox began eight months after she gave birth when her daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. These two serious medical conditions are very severe and lead to a very limited life full of seizures and pain. Haleigh started experiencing seizures and their frequency was increasing as she was becoming older.

Haleigh’s parents did everything they could think of, but modern medicine did not offer any viable solution to this little girl’s condition. It was in 2014 when the parents turned towards medical cannabis, as it had shown promising results in helping people with epilepsy.

Janea traveled from Georgia to Colorado and met with the director of the Flowering Hope Foundation, Jason Cranford.

This foundation deals with helping people with serious conditions that could benefit from medical cannabis. Since medical cannabis contains both THC and CBD, it has different effects than pure CBD.

Many people have tried this remedy and found relief. It was Jason, the director of the Flowering HOPE Foundation who found the right balance of CBD that showed the best effects on Haleigh’s health.

From then on, the parents of Haleigh are strong advocates for the legalization of medical cannabis and widespread acceptance of medical cannabis as a viable treatment, and they have continued to work with the foundation, providing cannabis to people in need. This cannabis strain has been the base for the production of all the Haleigh’s Hope tinctures.

Haleigh’s Hope is not a CBD manufacturer in the classic sense, they are a brand with a mission to offer customer support and provide consultations with experts in the field of medical-grade cannabis strains and products with targeted ratios of CBD and THC.

This brand offers safe and effective products along with support and education on the benefits of CBD: THC blends. They use certified organic hemp from Colorado, and they use CO2 extraction to produce their extracts. They also do lab tests on the products, and the latest batch results can be seen on the website.

The company is always available to help its customers via phone, email, and regular mail, and they are very active on social media. Anyone interested can use either of these and get in touch with an expert from Haleigh’s Hope.


Haleigh’s Hope describes its products as high-quality botanical oils made from organic, all-natural ingredients.

The CBD tinctures by Haleigh’s Hope are categorized per the carrier oil they contain. There are two types of carrier oils used in these tinctures:

Safflower Blend: this botanical oil blend is packed in a glass bottle and comes with an oral syringe. Each batch is lab-tested for purity, potency, pesticides, mold, and heavy metals, and the results can be seen online and also come with every order. The recommended serving dose is 1 ml and there are several strengths of this oil:

  • Starter Strength Haleigh’s Hope 20:1 – 300 mg of CBD/bottle
  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 30:1 – 20 mg CBD/ml
  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 20:1 – 20 mg CBD/ml
  • Extra Strength Haleigh’s Hope 20:1 – 40 mg CBD/ml
  • Extra Strength Haleigh’s Hope 15:1 – 40 mg CBD/ml
  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 10:1 – 20 mg CBD/ml

The other type is made with organic, GMO-free MCT coconut oil. It comes packed in bottles of 30 and 60 ml and the recommended dose is 1 ml, which is easy to dose with the supplied oral syringe. These are lab-tested and come in several different concentrations:

  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 30:1 -20 mg CBD/ml
  • Extra Strength Haleigh’s Hope 20:1 – 40 mg CBD/ml
  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 15:1 – 20 mg CBD/ml
  • Extra Strength Haleigh’s Hope 15:1 – 40 mg CBD/ml
  • Regular Strength Haleigh’s Hope 10:1 – 20 mg CBD/ml

Pros and Cons

I did a lot of research into Haleigh’s Hope, and here are my opinions on the pros and cons related to this brand.


  • US-based production: Haleigh’s Hope is located in Commerce City, Colorado and they only use locally-grown hemp to make their products.
  • Seed-to-product control: the brand takes great care in sourcing only the best raw materials for the production of their products. From making sure they only use USDA Certified organic hemp and food-grade CO2 extraction process, they ensure the quality of the products.
  • Targeted products: the botanical oil tinctures, as the company describes its products are with targeted effects. The CBD and THC in the blend are working together to bring relief from serious seizures, as the many testimonials I read on the website clearly state.
  • Lab tests for purity, potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and molds: the company makes extensive lab tests to all their products and publishes the results online. For an extra layer of transparency, each customer gets a copy of the lab test result on their exact product.
  • Excellent customer care: The brand is always available for its customers. The company has a toll-free number, as well as an email that they respond very quickly.


  • Limited product offer: as of the writing of this review, this brand has only one type of product available, botanical oil tincture. While it is obvious that this product is successful, I would like to see other types of products with different delivery methods.
  • Very high prices: Haleigh’s Hope products come with very high price tags, which is understandable for such a product. However, if someone in need of any of their products has financial issues, the company has been known for being very helpful in such cases.


The company is a very strong mission of helping people live better lives with the use of specific cannabis strain extracts. Haleigh’s Hope has become the saving grace for many families with children that have suffered severe seizures.

This company uses Haleigh’s Hope cannabis strain which was developed specifically with the intent of creating a CBD-rich hemp oil strain that would produce a slight THC amount, as these two cannabinoids work very well in unison.

The strain was developed by Jason Cranford from the Flowering HOPE Foundation. He named it Haleigh’s Hope in honor of Haleigh Cox, the first girl that benefited from the extract.

Haleigh’s parents founded the brand named for their daughter and started offering these botanical oils for people in need. This strain is grown organically in Colorado. The oil is extracted via CO2 extraction and the company has rigorous testing before selling any product.

From the many testimonials I read for the brand and its products, I can freely say that it certainly stands behind its mission of helping people in any possible way.

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