Publix Supermarket Drug Testing Policy


Publix is one of Florida’s largest supermarket chains, and it employs a vast number of employees. As with many large companies, they have a lot of measures and strict corporate policies that allow better management of the significant number of employees. Let’s talk about their drug testing policy and what it entails.

Does Publix Test Employees for Drugs?

If you are looking to get a job at Publix, you should be prepared to take a drug test during the interview process and then agree to a random drug test policy. Here is a rundown of the drug testing policies at Publix.

Publix Supermarkets has a clear and open drug policy, as they provide legal documents for each new employee to sign. Upon the interview process, if the hiring managers approve of the employee’s abilities to become a part of Publix, they’ll provide a document the employee needs to sign agreeing to pre-employment and random drug tests. The document is a part of the employment offer, and you need to consider it seriously before you agree to accept it. Of course, it goes without saying that you agree to the random drug tests the company conducts if you accept it.

What Drug Test Does Publix Use?

According to inside sources from Publix, the company uses the standard 5-panel drug test checking for THC, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. Now, the best way to pass the test is to stay clean and sober.

But if you are a recreational or medical marijuana user, you can still work at Publix and pass a random drug test without having to stop your weed use. If you are looking to pass the test risk-free, you should consider using synthetic urine.

Is There A Way to Pass the Publix Drug Test?

Synthetic urine is just what the name states – a mix of synthetic compounds that imitate real human urine without the bi-products of drug use. The synthetic urine comes in handy packets that you dissolve in water and submit as your urine, passing the drug test. The market has many synthetic urine brands, and we’ll be bringing you a thorough review of each of these soon.

If you are getting ready for a job interview at Publix, you should also consider using the 10-day detox solution Toxin Rid. Stop using the drug, follow the instructions on the label, drink plenty of fluids, and within ten days, your body will be ready for testing – and pass with flying colors.

Please note that if you pass the initial drug test at Publix and get a job there, you will still be subjected to occasional random drug tests during your employment. If you happen to know when the test will happen, you can prepare yourself with the 10-day detox regimen, but if you are caught in a bind, have a packet of synthetic urine ready nearby, like your locker at work or even your pocket. Also, make sure you don’t give your employees a reason to doubt you and target you for drug testing often – always come to work on time, prepared, and put together.

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