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On the first glance, this is an interesting brand with a quirky old-style hippie bus as a logo, the Organabus brand sends good vibes with their interesting products and approach towards CBD. But do the products work and do they compete with the rest of the top CBD oil brands on the market today? Here’s everything that you need to know before trying the products out.

oranabus cbd oil review

6 Things That You Need To Know About Oranabus CBD

Their product offer is mostly aimed at, but not limited to vaping products, as they also offer edibles, CBD nasal inhalers, capsules, dab wax and hemp oil for pets. The price range of their products ranges from $15 to $150. Started in 2015 and located in New Mexico, the Organabus company shares some very limited information about itself and its products.

They don’t disclose any information about the origin of their industrial hemp, but they do confirm that they use the CO2 extraction method to draw the hemp extract from the hemp plants. There is also a serious lack of information about the ingredients of some of their most popular products like the CBD nasal inhaler. There is also the lack of third-party lab testing and no results are shared online.

Some of their most famous products are the vaping liquids, which come in several different flavors, concentrations and bottle sizes. As with their other products, these also lack the basic information like ingredients list or suggested dosage.

The lack of relevant information goes on, as the Organabus website does not even offer a phone number for contact, and only an email contact form is available. It is a standard practice for the CBD companies to share knowledge about CBD and CBD related products, but Organabus has also failed this. Their educational page is way too short and with very sparse information.

They are, however, relatively active on social media, especially on their Instagram and Twitter profiles, where people can find out news about the company, the arrival of new products, sales, and unique offers. While they promise that their products are organic, as the brand name suggests, the lack of important information does limit their credibility.

oranabus facebook

While the company has 1,000+ likes, there are just too many unanswered questions to make any suggestions that consumers turn to this brand. Based on my knowledge and experience with hemp-based oils, it seems like this is not a great choice. I wouldn’t use a CBD vape juice without knowing all the facts.

Other brands to avoid: Miracle Smoke

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