New Hampshire CBD Laws


TL;DR: The State of New Hampshire has allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes in 2015, but it still works on establishing a commercial hemp-growing program. This state allows the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but not for recreational use. Unlike this, the use of CBD oil and other CBD products is free and completely legal for all.

CBD in the Granite State

According to the House Bill 421 passed in 2015, the University of New Hampshire was allowed to cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes. The state still does not have a more widespread industrial hemp cultivation program, even though the neighboring states have this kind of program in place.

There is no law against the use of CBD oil and other CBD products in New Hampshire, meaning people are free to purchase and use any type of CBD product they like as long as it is in line with the Federal Farm Bill, and it contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD and CBD Oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of 113 naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The most famous one and arguably most abundant is THC – tetrahydrocannabinol, which has psychoactive properties. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, but it has an incredible influence on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body (and most mammals).

It binds with the specific receptors, helping the body in dealing with stress, anxiety, pain management, relief from seizures, muscle spasms, nausea, depression, PTSD, and a lot more. CBD is obtained from the variety of cannabis known as industrial hemp, while THC is obtained by the variety known as marijuana.

There are varieties with traits in between these two, and these are favored by people using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Here I explain two CBD-rich strains that have found its place as medical cannabis strains.

Charlotte’s Web aka CW is a very famous CBD-rich strain that was named after a little girl that suffered from severe epileptic seizures and was treated with medical marijuana. It smells earthy, woodsy and flowery, and has a subtle earthy aftertaste. The high CBD content makes it ideal for relaxing while it helps with stress, pain, depression, inflammation, and as mentioned before, seizure relief.

Quin-N-Tonic is a CBD-rich strain that is a lovechild between two other famous medical marijuana strains – Harlequin and Cannatonic. This strain has purple-tipped buds, with a smell that reminds of blueberries, and has a somewhat dessert-like aftertaste. The initial effect is relaxing, happy, and uplifted, while the medicinal side is aimed at stress relief, pain, depression and inflammation relief, and is often used as a sleep aid.

New Hampshire CBD Oil Laws

The laws related to industrial hemp in New Hampshire are only limited to its cultivation for research purposes only. While there are interested parties in growing industrial hemp commercially, but they will have to wait a bit longer before the state legalizes the growing of industrial hemp as a cash crop.

There is no law restricting the use of CBD products, to the satisfaction of many citizens. It is legal to buy CBD oil and other CBD products in the USA as long as they contain less than 0.3% and are derived from industrial hemp.

Medical Marijuana

People from New Hampshire suffering from several debilitating conditions can use marijuana medicinally from 2013. The state allowed medical marijuana use for people suffering from epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer, ALS, pain, HIV/AIDS, and a variety of other diseases.

It is legal for people registered as marijuana users to have up to two ounces of marijuana on them. There are now four licensed dispensaries and the sales are expected to reach up to $36 million by 2022. The medical marijuana program is governed by the Division of Public Health Services and has about 7200 registered patients.

No Marijuana for New Hampshirites (yet)

The state legislator body of New Hampshire has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of weed, and it is now only a civil violation to carry up to ¾ ounces of weed, fined with $100. Anything more and you can end up in prison for up to a year.

There is an effort for complete legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire, which would end the “Island of Prohibition” status of this state, as it is surrounded by neighboring states which allow the recreational use of weed. There are talks that this law will be voted and take effect by 2021, to the satisfaction of many.

CBD Purchase Options

The use of CBD is on a constant expansion trend in the White Mountain State, and there are new retail stores constantly opening across the state. Today people can find some very good CBD products in stores in Salem, Derry, Dover, and Manchester.

For anyone that lives far away from these places, or likes to buy CBD products without anyone knowing about it, they can do it in the privacy of their home from online stores. The only stipulation is that the CBD products need to contain less than 0.3% THC.

To Wrap Things Up…

New Hampshire has only a research program related to the cultivation of hemp; even though there are interested farmers that would like to grow this crop commercially. The state has also allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal applications. The CBD use if free and legal for all Granite Staters and there are retail stores carrying these products in all major cities across the state. However, the safest option is an online purchase of a high-quality CBD product.

The recreational use of weed in New Hampshire is not allowed but is decriminalized to a small extent. There are talks that this state’s legislators will soon allow the complete use of marijuana, so New Hampshire will join its neighbors in reaping the great benefits legal use of marijuana can have for the state. Seems like the Live Free or Die State is on a way of living free after all.

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