Vape Mods: Pen, Box, Regulated, Unregulated & More


The advance of technology has brought significant changes in many areas of our lives, one being the act of vaping in lieu of smoking. One such area is the vape industry and now one’s mind spins with all the possible options for vape mods available on the market. As there is no set definition of a mod, we’ll try our best to explain what a mod is and go further into explaining its features.

Before you make a selection, you should know the basics about the different types and what these deliver. So read on as I explain the different types of vape mods so you can make an educated choice next time you are thinking of buying a vape mod.

Regulated and Unregulated Mods

The main differentiation between mods is that they can be regulated or unregulated. This refers to the electrical wiring inside that enables the turning of the e-juice into vapor. To know which way you want to go in terms of mods, you’ll need to understand the main differences between a regulated and an unregulated vape mod.

The Regulated Mod

The regulation in this kind of mod is done via a microchip that does the thinking. It regulates the mod’s functions and you see this on a display screen that shows all the information. The internal microchip regulates a variety of features like wattage, temperature, enables customizing the temperature and power output and even enables you to save your preferred settings.

The regulated vape mod is very safe to use. The microchip that regulates the internal functions is responsible for the increased safety features in this mod. The regulated mod has protection against all kinds of possible accidents like short circuiting, reverse polarity, overcharging, over discharging, over current and temperature.

So you only should worry about putting the right battery inside and that the tank is properly placed and you are good to go. The regulated mod is for people that enjoy vaping without any experimentation.

The Unregulated Mod

An unregulated mod is also called a mechanical mod. The main difference between this one and a regulated mod is the power output. If you vape an unregulated mod on a fully charged battery, then you get the full power of the battery. As the battery power drains, the vaping is done at a lower temperature and so on until the battery has been fully drained of power.

The difference in the vaping experience between a regulated and an unregulated mod is obvious and easily noticeable. Another big difference is in the safety features the unregulated mod has or doesn’t have. An unregulated mod does not have any type of safety features, as the heating coil is directly linked to the battery and power button.

This means no temperature regulation, no variable wattage and no display screen that will provide information. The unregulated mod is intended for users that enjoy no fanfare vaping as there are no other features – you only press one button and you get a full hit.

The fully mechanical mods are the ones with no safety features, and there are some safety features in some unregulated mods on the market today. If you are certain in your skills, then feel free to experiment and maybe you will enjoy unregulated vaping.

The Difference In Shape

The vape mods come in two basic shapes: rectangular (box mods) and cylindrical (pen mods). The final selection will depend on the experience you are looking for.

Pen Mods

A pen mod is not an e-cigarette but is very close to it in design. Actually, one can consider any e-cigarette that has some kind of upgrade as a pen mode.

The Pen Mod Basics

The simplest upgraded e-cigarette is the eGo style pen mode. This is the first choice for people that are trying to quit smoking and are looking for a substitute instead of reaching for a standard e-cigarette. I’m mentioning these here just to cover all the bases and don’t leave anything out.

An eGo pen mod has a small tank that gathers between 1 and 2 ml of e-juice. The batteries are also smaller and usually, the battery and tank go together as a kit. These are very small and portable. It fits in a pocket and can be easily and discretely carried with you.

The eGo pen mod works better than a standard electronic cigarette as it holds more power, outputting a better vapor than the e-cig. As with everything else, the price is a reflection of the quality of the product. the cheaper vape pens go for about $15 and the better quality pens are ranging at about $25 a piece.

The pros and cons of an eGo pen mod


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Portable and durable


  • Small e-juice capacity
  • Limited options
  • Short battery life

Intermediate Level Pen Mods

The vape pen mod comes with a more substantial battery life, tank capacity, and vapor output. These are intended for people that are well into vaping but enjoy the portability of a pen mod.

The pen mod has an e-juice capacity from 2 to 5 ml, with some models going up to 6ml in capacity. This kind of tank can hold enough e-juice for a whole day of vaping. The batteries are powerful and can withstand a whole day of use and produce some thick vapors.

The pen mods are roughly the size of a big marker pen and fit nicely in a pocket. They perform much better than an eGo pen mod. The vapor production is better, the nicotine and other e-juice flavors are more pronounced and consistent. This is important for people quitting cigarettes, as the stable nicotine delivery is what keeps them satisfied and away from reverting to cigarettes.

The better quality device one gets to use, the less likely they will turn back to cigarettes. The pen mods range from about $30 to about $50 in price and for a price of about $70, one can get a really high quality and versatile pen mod (or maybe opt for a box mod for the same price).

The Pros and Cons of a Proper Pen Mod


  • Elegant, ergonomic design
  • Versatile and simple to use
  • Portable and durable
  • Good size tank that can vape any type of e-juice


  • Relative high price
  • Larger than a standard e-cigarette

Box Mods

The rectangularly shaped vape mod is called a box mod. This device is intended to entertain the user by providing nice, thick, flavorful vapors that will satisfy even the pickiest users. The eGo and intermediate pen mods are meant to help people quit smoking classic tobacco cigarettes, and the box mods deliver a completely different, advanced experience.

A box mod delivers rich vapors but needs more experienced user to draw out the maximum potential of such a device. The box mod has a tank that has a standard 510 thread connection. But nothing else is standard as the design depends on the manufacturer. There are some very nicely designed tanks that are made from high-quality materials like Pyrex glass and stainless steel.

Unlike the pen mods, the batteries on the box mods can be removed and recharged on an external charger. This way you will not have to wait for the device to charge, as you can put in fresh batteries and fire up your box mod immediately. The majority of box mods use only one type of battery, the 18650, which are powerful and last for a long time.

A box mod goes from $30 and up to over $100, but you get what you pay for. The cheaper box mods can deliver good vapors, but usually, use one battery and have smaller tanks. The larger mods can take up more batteries, have a high-quality microchip and better vapor production.

Most often a box mod is sold separately from the tank, so one can’t judge the quality of performance of the whole set. But, due to the larger size than a pen mod, the box mod has more features.  More batteries equal more power; a larger tank equals more power and more vapor.

The box mod usually has the ability for temperature regulation and variable wattage that regulates the battery drainage and vapor production.

The box mod will definitely help stay off cigarettes for good. With the abundance of varied e-juice flavors out there, one will not get bored and oversaturated with the same thing all over again and will stay off cigarettes.

The various manufacturers have gone overboard with the design and finish, and you can find a box mod in every possible color combination. Then look into the flavors of e-juices and nicotine concentrations and take a try – you will be amazed by the versatility. When you gain enough experience, you can even start to chase clouds.

The Pros and Cons of a Box Mod


  • Excellent, thick, rich vapors
  • Versatility, reliability, and customization
  • Great battery life, interchangeable batteries
  • A large tank for any type of e-juice


  • Relatively pricey
  • Bulkier to carry around
  • Requires learning and getting used to


The eGo pen mod is for a person that looks to leave conventional smoking. It is a cheap device that is simple, easy and safe to use but does not produce good quality vapors.

The pen mod is for a person that is looking at quitting smoking, but wants something different or is looking to start vaping and needs a decent device. These are also simple and safe to use and are more versatile than the eGo pen mod.

The box mod is for people that are well into vaping. The versatile options, the excellent choice of e-juices, and the thick, rich vapors make the box mod the real deal in vaping.

Above I have explained the main types of vape mods and their intended use. If you are thinking of quitting smoking and taking up vaping then you should definitely start with a pen mod. Then, as you gain experience and become comfortable with using a pen mod, only then you should continue to a box mod. Whatever you select, be persistent, learn how to utilize it best and you will not reach back to cigarettes.

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