Juul vs. PHIX: The Pod Mods Battle


Are you the type that likes to do research before buying? Most likely you are because you wouldn’t be reading my hemp oil blog if not. If so, then awesome! I love people like you. I’ve done some myself recently, comparing the JUUL and PHIX pod mods. I suggest you read this before buying anything. I’ve covered everything and all the details you need to know are listed below.

There are two very similar products on the market for pod mods: the JUUL and the PHIX. Which one should you get?

I have done the necessary research and made this comprehensible comparison of the two, so keep reading and make an informed decision when selecting your next pod mod.

Why Use A Pod Mod?

Using a pod mod is one of the simplest ways to vape. The need to refill the tank is eliminated due to the use of the provided pods. The pods usually contain a good amount of nicotine that is enough to satisfy the needs of even the most passionate vapers.

The pod mods are very simple and easy to use, especially when traveling, where you don’t need to carry an additional bottle of e-juice and risk spilling it Just take your pod mod with extra pods and you are good to go.

JUUL vs PHIX comparison

JUUL or PHIX Pods – Which Is Best?

But which one of these two is the better option? The JUUL or the PHIX? You are about to learn which is the best! Here are the details…

Design and Build

The PHIX is a little on the larger side, and it has a somewhat unorthodox diamond shape of the body. This can be good design-wise, but not so much when you have to carry it in your pocket or in a bag. It is 110mm long, 19mm wide and 10.7mm deep. The mouthpiece is larger and not so comfortable when taking a drag.

The JUUL has a sleeker rectangular body shape, which is easier to store and carry with you. The size of the body is 101mm long and 19mm wide and this is a very lightweight mod. The shape of the mouthpiece resembles a cigarette, making it easy to take a drag.

Battery Life and Recharge Cycle

These two devices have similar batteries: the PHIX has a 280mAh battery and the JUUL has a 200mAh battery. Learn all about the various ecig batteries that exist before buying either of these devices.

The PHIX battery admittedly has a longer battery life and can last for a whole day without the need of recharging. The battery is rated to be able to take about 220 puffs, which is about the daily average. There is no battery indicator, so you’ll have to guess when the battery is low and put it on the provided USB magnetic charger. There is, however, an LED indicator when the device is charging and is in use.

The JUUL on the other hand, has a much smaller battery, with only 200mAh. The JUUL features an interesting feature, you tap the device twice in quick succession, and a light comes on. If the light is green you have enough battery life left. If it is yellow, you are midway using it. And if it is red it means that you’ll need to recharge it soon. There is the provided USB magnetic charger which takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.

The USB magnetic chargers on both devices are proprietary, meaning that they are not interchangeable, so be sure not to lose yours.

Coils and Pod Size

The PHIX pod mod has a ceramic coil. This is a good choice for a coil as it lasts longer and provides a smooth, rich vapor due to consistent heating and preventing burning of the e-juice.

The JUUL has a NiChrome coil. This is also a good choice for a coil, as it also provides smooth, consistent vapors. No matter the coils, these two pod mods have good coils and both provide good vapors, so it is a matter of preference and taste tests.

The pods on these two mods are very different in size and nicotine content. The PHIX has a very big pod with a capacity of 1.5ml which can last for about 400-450 hits. The downside is that only one pod with Original Blend Tobacco flavor is provided in the original kit.

The JUUL pod is significantly smaller, with 0.7ml capacity. When you get the JUUL, you get four different pods in four different flavors: Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco.

E-juice Flavors And Nicotine Hit

The available flavors are very limited, both brands have only five flavors in their offer. You will have to test them all out to find your favorite.

Most of the PHIX flavors are based on strong tobacco flavors, and the JUUL is more varied with fruits and mint flavors.

The JUUL pod has a strong nicotine hit and with 5% nicotine per pod, this one is a very good option for heavy smokers that are looking for the harsh nicotine hit.

The PHIX pod also has a 5% nicotine per volume, and it also packs a strong nicotine punch, but not as severe as the JUUL.

Price Comparison

The usual price of the PHIX kit is about $35. The kit contains the magnetic USB charger, the PHIX mod pod and a single flavor pod in Original Tobacco Blend.

The JUUL kit is about $50 and it contains the JUUL pod mod, the magnetic USB charger and a set of four different flavored pods for you to test and find your favorite.

The replacement pods for the JUUL are about $27 for a set of 4. As these are 0.7ml each, the expense can get very high very quickly, especially if you are a heavy user.

The replacement pods for the PHIX cost about $23 for a set of 4. You get four 1.5ml pods that will last a significantly longer time than the JUUL pods. Compared the price and amount of e-juice you get, the PHIX is the much less expensive option.


The JUUL is admittedly more sleek, modern and ergonomically designed. But the price of this pod mod is also greater. If you are into easy vaping, you enjoy varied flavors, you have some extra dollars to spend, and you want to look cool doing it, you should go for the JUUL.

The PHIX has a shape that you need to get used to. But once your hand takes the hang of it, you’ll be amazed of the device as it is much better in terms of battery life, tobacco flavored juices and size of pods, and of course, more affordable price.

I could not come to a conclusion here as I honestly like both devices equally. One for the modern design, the other for the size of its pods. So no matter which one you choose, you’ll have a good device that will serve you well. You really can’t go wrong with either of them.

Pick up the JUUL here or you can buy the PHIX here.

Happy shopping!


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