Juul Vape Review


I’ve been using vape products for quite some time and now that CBD oil has been trending, I’ve decided to dive into vaping a bit more to incorporate my up my CBD consumption via vaping. One vape company that comes to mind is Juul. In fact, it just might be the most popular vaping device on planet earth today. It’s literally that popular! I know that they’ve recently launched the Juul CBD pods, which is why I’m here to share my thoughts on the company and device, in general, to help you make better vaping decisions.

Juul vape review

Juul Electronic Cigarette Analysis

I’ve broken things down for you here and made it easier for you to make a decision whether or not to purchase this innovative and highly demanded vaping product. Juul is the most popular one on the market. Here’s what you need to know before buying.


JUUL Labs is a company that has been founded by two designers and passionate smokers with a single goal – to improve the lives of smokers. Even though there are many substitutes for traditional cigarettes, the people at Juul believe that they have created a viable alternative that has much less negative effects on the health while still delivering the desired nicotine kick.

For Starters

The JUUL Starter Kit is the main product in their offer, and it comes in a surprisingly lightweight package. The starter pack also comes at a very, very reasonable price of only $50.

And it contains everything a person first starting vaping might need: a rechargeable JUUL device with one-year limited device warranty, USB charger, and four differently flavored JUUL pods (currently in the offer are Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley and Crème Brulee).


The JUUL e-cig is nicely designed, and does not remind of a classical e-cig, but has a sleek, modern design and feel. The device itself is made with a combination of materials that are specifically chosen for the specific parts: plastic for the cartridges, aluminum for the shell, stainless steel for the pathway, and silica wick for the pod.

The e-cig device features a rechargeable battery that, with normal use, one can get about four hours of battery time. The battery gets fully charged in less than an hour and uses USB charging (from a computer), so one can easily find many possible charging stations.


All the e-juice cartridges are packed with a nice nicotine kick of 5%, there are no different nicotine concentrations. The e-juice in the cartridges is a blend of nicotine, glycerol, propylene glycol, flavors, and benzoic acid. The benzoic acid is a naturally occurring ingredient of the tobacco plant and is what gives the JUUL e-cig an authentic feel and taste.

The Design

The beauty of this e-cig is in simplicity. It is intended to be used the same as the real cigarette, with the added bonus of always having the vapor at the ideal temperature.  And it operates without buttons or switches, a feature that makes it one of the simplest and easiest e-cig devices to use.

The Site

The JUUL website is nicely designed, with all the information readily available. One can easily place an order, get answers to the most common FAQs, find out more about the company’s mission and even read/watch testimonials from satisfied customers. What we found nice is that JUUL takes great efforts to limit the underage use of their products.

From everything we could find about the JUUL e-cig, we are amazed. We have found several small remarks though, that we wish they would work on in the future. The cartridges are non-rechargeable and are very small. Even though this is due to the simplicity of the whole e-cig experience, a somewhat larger cartridge would be nicer, but this is still just a personal preference.

Looking to purchase the Juul e-cig?

Click here to buy it now!

Actually, before you do that! I strongly suggest checking out the store below. The prices and product selection is WAY BETTER!

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