Hygia Nutrients Review


As you know, there are thousands of CBD brands that exist out there today. Here at P.H.O. there’s no holding back and diving into Hygia Nutrients is exactly what happened today.

The Hygia Nutrients brand, owned and operated by Hygia Nutrients Inc., is very oriented towards science and innovation. They are currently using a hemp cultivar and a proprietary process to produce their CBD. This technology and process are backed by several scientists in their ranks.

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hygia nutrients review

Find Out If Hygia Nutrients Made The Top List

Their patented nextCBD Technology helps the company deliver their products, which are water-soluble and have an unprecedented rate of absorption – perhaps 18 to 26 times greater than other CBD products. Based on my research, that’s what the company is claiming. They also claim and support the claims that their products don’t degrade in the stomach but reach the small intestines where they get absorbed into the bloodstream.

They have a very limited product offer – the NEC5 Bliss Shot, which is a 50mg of hemp extract in an 80ml shot bottle. Another product they produce is the NEC25 Key Concentrate, which is a very bioavailable hemp extract packed in a 15ml oral applicator.

Hygia Nutrients also has a CBD spray called the NEX5 Ideal Spray with 26 times greater absorption which is a 150mg hemp extract in a 30 ml spray bottle. As for some final product choice, they have their NEX10 Ideal Spray which is their most concentrated product with 600mg of hemp extract in a 60ml spray bottle. The prices of the products are very affordable, ranging from $11.99 for the Bliss Shot to $99.99 for the Key Concentrate.

Even though their website has some nice graphics charts presenting the benefits of their products, and even though they employ a team of highly qualified scientists, we have not found any evidence that they do third-party lab tests nor do they offer the results freely. Maybe this is due to the use of their proprietary patented technology, no idea really, but this is definitely a reason to question their products given the openness of other companies that exist today. The good news is that the company operates taking into account all FDA regulations, GMP, GAP, as well as EHS. They’re also kosher products meeting necessary regulations.

There is also the lack of user testimonials, as we were not able to find any on their website. I’d like to add that their Facebook page currently has less than 100 likes, which makes me believe that they aren’t as popular as many think.

There is, however, a large plus for the infographics explaining the effects that their products have on reducing the inflammation levels in consumers that may choose to use their products. This is quite beneficial for the people looking to get some pain relief or the general relaxation effect of the CBD hemp extract.

Looking for more information? Here’s the company contact information. You might consider reaching out to them if you have further questions:

550 Seagaze Drive, Unit 29
Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: +1.800.215.3714
E-mail: Customer Support

Conclusion: Hygia Nutrients Is Not A Top Ten Brand

Given the number of brands reviewed here on Prohempoil.com, I’m confident in saying that Hygia Nutrients Inc and its products are not on the top CBD oil list. If you’re looking for our top recommendations, then check this page out here.

Looking for a top recommendation? No problem, I’ve got you covered! Check out that link provided above and you’ll see what I mean!

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