FDA Now Limiting CBD Product Advertising For Sellers


I’ve been following closely and keeping up with the FDA regulations with regards to all the cannabidiol (CBD) containing products. Due to the number of brands out there making claims, the FDA has stepped in and they are taking serious action against many.

There are guidelines out there that the FDA has created for the purpose of defining the advertising rights of companies.

arkasas fda cbd claims

The Problem: Brands are making claims, stating that these products relieve pain that people chronically deal with, that they will help with cancer, Parkinson’s and even Diabetes. The companies that are making these claims are doing so against the FDA guidelines.

Such claims classify CBD as being a dietary supplement. Brands making firm claims are going to eventually find that a letter in their mailbox from the FDA. The administration believes that these claims are false advertising and they are actively investigating complaints that consumers are making. In fact, they’ve got a specific division that does nothing but investigate these types of allegations. That division is called – Consumer Protection Division. The state of Arkansas seems to be taking this most serious. (Source)

If any companies are claiming to be able to cure cancer, then they’re possibly going to find themselves in hot water eventually. Sure, I think it should go without saying that there are benefits that one may see while using this type of product, but making strong claims in just about any industry isn’t going to sit well with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Arkansas Times reached out to a couple of local businesses which sell hemp products (those containing less than .03 percent THC) and that company said that they make no guarantees or claims outside of the way that the products are described. They’re most certainly not advertising CBD products as being a “cure for anything.” However, if consumers choose to treat their personal ailments through the use of CBD, then that’s their personal choice.

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you what you take and why. However, to protect the public interest CBD companies must be careful with the claims they’re making or they might find themselves in cahoots with the FDA.

The Solution: Companies should not be making claims that might get them in trouble. It’s one thing for consumers to provide feedback on product use and what they’ve learned from taking these products.

In fact, I’m all for that, but claiming that this cures cancer is just wrong and we all know that. That is unless extensive research defines cannabidiol being able to accomplish that task, at which point I’m all for it. I guess the moral here is that you’ve got to do your homework when it comes to taking or using any type of product. That’s part of the reason why our site exists, to share facts with consumers.

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