Every Day Optimal CBD Review


Many companies today make CBD products, and all fight to be among the top rated. Not many can say that about themselves, but there are a few that make some really, really high-quality products, like the Every Day Optimal CBD.

Here I offer a closer view of the company and its products. Since the company has a very varied product offer, maybe the most variety in all the CBD industry, I will only provide a short overview of their products. But rest assured, you will learn a lot about why this is one of the best CBD brands today.

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Every Day Optimal CBD Tinctures

The Every Day Optimal CBD Company

Founded in 2016, with the intention to find the best farmers in Colorado that can grow the best industrial hemp with the highest possible level of CBD, the Every Day Optimal brand started its story.

They are devoted to producing high-quality products that include everything from CBD gel capsules, edibles, tinctures, e-liquids and pet products. SO pretty much everything related to CBD you can imagine.

The company employs leading experts in the field of medical marijuana and uses their expertise to make products that are superior to the competition. The full array of CBD products that the Every Day Optimal offers something for everyone.

Every Day Optimal offers great products and great terms of service. The live chat on the website is a great way to find answers to all your CBD-related inquiries. One of these is the 30-day money back option. Great customer support is another big plus for the company. Also is the third-party lab tests they perform to ensure the continued high standards on purity and potency are being upheld.

An excellent product line with one of the strongest concentrations of CBD on the market. There are an incredible 10,000mg CBD tincture and 200mg gel capsules, which pack a really strong punch.

Every Day Optimal CBD

The Products

Every Day Optimal has one of the most varied product lines on the market today. Here I’ll give you an overview of the main products in each category (because outlining all their product would take a while).

Capsules and Pills

A very effective way of taking CBD, soft gel capsules and CBD pills offer a longer lasting effect and an excellent hassle-free delivery method. Once you take the CBD pill or capsule, it slowly dissolves into your stomach and gets absorbed into the blood, providing prolonged effectiveness of the CBD.

Their standard capsule offer includes capsules with 10mg, 15mg, 25mg, and 50mg of CBD per capsule. These contain only pure CBD oil, with zero THC, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers, and no other contaminants. There is a 200mg CBD capsule, which is the strongest CBD capsule on the US market and offers great pain relief.

There are specialty capsules with special blends of other ingredients that offer relief for fibromyalgia, D-stress and special capsules with CBD for sleep.

Gummies and Edibles

Gummies and other types of edibles are a very popular choice when it comes to taking CBD. The Every Day Optimal gummies are made according to a recipe that has no artificial flavorings or gluten and is infused with CBD for improved delivery of the CBD. Taking edibles to get the perfect dose of CBD is one of the simplest and most discrete ways, as you can easily take your dose in front of other people, without them suspecting anything.

The Every Day Optimal gummies come in three concentrations of 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg for people with different needs. These are excellent for pain relief, anxiety relief, relaxing and improving the wellbeing of the body and mind.

The edibles offer also covers the CBD chewing gum, adequately named sublingual administration masterpiece. Each piece of gum contains 10mg of CBD and by chewing the gum, the CBD slowly gets absorbed in the bloodstream for a fast acting and long lasting effect.


The CBD oil tinctures by Every Day Optimal are among the most versatile on the market. These are made by concentrating the CBD derived from the full-spectrum hemp oil. This has about 20% CBD, and it is brought up to 99% CBD, then mixed with MCT oil for a pure CBD oil tincture.

The tinctures come in concentrations from 300mg per 30ml bottle, up to 4000mg per 30ml bottle. the ultimate CBD tincture is their 10,000mg CBD in a 30ml bottle, which is the world’s most potent CBD blend, with each recommended serving containing 166mg of CBD.

The recommended manner of use is by placing it under the tongue and waiting a while for it to get absorbed in the body for maximum effectiveness.


Vaping is the most effective and fastest delivery method for CBD. The vapors contain the CBD that gets in the lungs and immediately gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Every Day Optimal vape oil offer comes in two concentrations of 300mg and 1000mg. The e-liquids come in three distinct flavors – Strawberry Cream, Honey Lemon Kush and Marshmallow Magic.

Vaping CBD is arguably the best way to relax, reduce inflammation, to block anxiety and to quit smoking. And the lower temperature on which the vape liquids are used ensures all the important compounds of the blend are used to the max.

Pet Products

Every Day Optimal have thought of everything, and that includes the furry little friends. They offer CBD tincture for pets that are a great way to promote calmness in dogs and cats, reduce symptoms of arthritis in aging dogs, and greatly aid in lowering the anxiety and stresses of separation.

The CBD tincture for pets (dogs and cats) contains 125mg of CBD, and can be added to the food or directly under the tongue.

Every Day Optimal Brand

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

From what I’ve learned about the Every Day Optimal CBD brand, I can surely say that this is without a doubt one of the best CBD brands on the US market today. The vast product offer and the high quality of the products make it very appealing and a must-try CBD brand.

Perhaps the answer to your chronic pain symptoms lies exactly in the Every Day Optimal products. Just look at the products, select your favored delivery method, and take your pick.

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