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I’ve covered LOTS of vape brands over the last couple of months. Most of the brands I’ve covered cater to those looking to partake in some CBD vaping action. Not all though, some of them are straight vape products without any cannabidiol involved, period. One of the brands currently not catering to CBD users but having too large of a product inventory not to cover is Direct Vapor. If you’ve never heard of the company, then you’re most likely living under a rock because they are massive!

Direct Vapor has become a place where both a beginner and highly experienced vaper can find everything they need from hardware to eliquids and more. They offer all things vape-related and have amazing deals on various products from all the top-rated brands. You might find an abundance of VaporFi products on the site because they’re owned by the same company.

Basically, Direct Vapor is a discounted warehouse full of vaping goods. It’s the bomb and I’ve covered everything you need to know right here today.

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Complete Review Of Direct Vapor

Here’s everything you need to know about the direct vapor warehouse and why I love it so damn much.

The Website

Direct Vapor’s website has a very good, perspicuous design where one can easily navigate and find all the items they are interested in. They carry products from the top vape manufacturers across the world and sell the products at better than fair prices.

To sweeten the deal, the people at Direct Vapor also offer regular deals, specials, and discounts on many devices, on e-juice and accessories. As an incentive for new customers, they also offer one time 10% discount on customers that will subscribe to their newsletter. To anyone that is already subscribed, they regularly send deals and special offers. (Hint: Get subscribed if you’re not on the list)

To further attract customers, sends all the orders with free shipping without any minimum order. Then there’s the 15-day return policy and an amazing 60-day warranty on any device sold via their website. They have what’s called a “Low Price Guarantee,” meaning that if you find a product on their list and the same product is listed on a different website with a lower price, Direct Vapor will match the lower price or even refund the difference if you have already bought the product in question.

In other words, they’ve got a solid operation in place and run this company like a well-oiled and fine-tuned machine.

The Vape Starter Kits

Maybe the most important kit you will get is the starter kit that will introduce you to vaping. Direct Vapor offers some very nice starter kits at solid price points too. They offer a wide range of vape kits (batteries included) that are great for beginners and experts alike. I’ve listed out a couple of them below, for example:

Eleaf iJust S Starter Kit

This is quite possibly the best device a first-time vaper can get. The design is slim and ergonomic, while it is still portable and convenient. It comes with a 3000 mAh battery that can allow longer use between charges and is powerful enough to allow thick vapors from the 4ml e-juice tank. It comes in a black or stainless steel finish and is great for people that are starting to vape.

SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit

Here’s another good choice if you’re on the hunt for a starter kit. This one is excellent for people that are looking to transition to box mods. The kit has a power output up to 220W and the temperature, power, and resistance can be adjusted and seen on the LED screen. The screen shows the battery life so you can keep accurate track on the power and a puff counter that shows the inhalations left. This kit corresponds to the SMOK Baby Beast tank with a 3ml capacity. It comes in a black, orange, red and stainless steel finish.


Direct Vapor has so much vape juice it’s honestly unreal! Of which, the e-juices are pretty darn amazing. One can find all the popular brands and everyone can find their favorites in just a few clicks. If you’re a brave and seasoned vaper, you and the more courageous vapers can try the many unorthodox flavors they offer.

Speaking of flavors, Direct Vapor carries the Motley Brew e-juices and one can always find these products here. They’ve got the whiskey blend, coffee blend, tobacco and caramel and many other different and unique flavors. If you’re more into variety, then you can pick up the Motley Brew sample pack with three different flavors to test out or even get your e-juice in bulk.

Let’s say you’re a Motley Brew fiend, then you can get everything from the Motley Brew brand via the Direct Vapor website. I’m talking everything, even things like branded t-shirts, baseball caps, and hoodies and more. Before you ask, YES these are comfortable and why not show some support to your favorite vaping brand by rocking some swag.

No matter what you are looking for, if it is vape related, you will definitely find it on Direct Vapor. Even better, you will find it with a great price attached and even the more appealing free shipping.

Joining The Direct Vapor Army

If you’re devoted to vaping and want to earn some cash, then you can join the Direct Vapor Affiliate Program. By promoting the brand, the products, and the deals on your blog or website, you will get some cash sent your way from every purchase made as a result of your recommendation.

If a person follows your personalized link you will get a nice 10% referral fee from the company in efforts for them sending a “Thanks” for referring a customer. What is good is that there is nothing to lose if you try this, and you even get the chance to earn rewards in the form of free samples of e-juices or new devices.


Direct Vapor is one of the best sites where you can find every vaping product on earth – seriously. The free shipping, regular discounts, constant sales, 60-day warranty, 15-day return policy, Low Price Guarantee, and the No Clone Zone are all great incentives for you to check out the Direct Vapor online shop.

Do yourself a favor and start buying your vape products here at Direct Vapor.

Visit Direct Vapor –> CLICK HERE TO VISIT

Now, if you happen to land here and vaping isn’t your thing but you’re looking for products and brands more related to CBD, then head over to this page and you’ll find what you need.


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