Delta Botanicals CBD Review


Another one of our CBD Oil producers review, this one is devoted to the works of the Delta Botanicals company. We have read all about them, looked over their products, done our general research and now we bring you all the info you’ll need to know when selecting a CBD Oil brand. Do yourself a solid and read this entire report before making any purchasing decisions. In fact, I suggest heading on over to the homepage before making any difinitive purchasing decisions.

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delta botanicals cbd review

Delta Botanicals Overview

The Delta Botanicals company has been producing some nice CBD based products for some time now. They are offering several types of CBD related products and their most famous product has been the CBD E-Liquid – a vaping juice that can be found in several different flavors to satisfy even the pickiest of customers.

The Delta Botanicals company has a very modern production facility, and they are offering finely produced CBD vaping juice that is consistent in quality and is safe to use. They do say that they perform constant testing and claim to have all the lab results information by batch, which unfortunately is not readily available on their website, but needs to be requested by email.

Even though the Delta Botanicals company is mostly devoted to producing CBD vaping products, they have two other CBD related products in their offer. All their products come at a very reasonable price and are available in the US and some EU countries (where CBD oil is legal, of course).

Company Highlights and Facts

The Delta Botanicals have some nice pros, like the multiple flavors of vaping liquids, but also have some cons like the lack of lab test results or revealing where they source their hemp from.


  • Low prices
  • Different flavors of vaping liquids available
  • Excellent customer support
  • Rewards program
  • Free shipping via USPS only


  • Lab test results not disclosed
  • Source of hemp not revealed

Types Of Products

  • Edibles

  • Vape

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Established: 2014

Company Name: Delta Botanicals

Hemp Origin: Unknown

Product Price Range: All products range between $20-$180 ($-$$)

Product Availability: All US states and some EU countries

Purchase Offers: Standard purchase, Bulk, Wholesale, Drop purchase

Lab Test Results: Not readily available, need to be requested

Customer Service/Support: phone: (410)-356-4623; email –

Shipping Policy: Free shipping via USPS, standard shipping

Return Policy: Unopened orders can be returned within 30 days.

Where To Order: Delta Botanicals online shop, store locator on the website

Delta Botanicals Coupons and Savings

The Delta Botanicals brand offers some nice deals to the regular customers who will create a free account with them. There is a reward points program that awards points to the user’s account with every purchase, which is pretty nice. By making purchases the users are collecting points that can be used to get a discount on the prices. For the one time purchases, however, the user can enter the promo code “pro15” and get a 15% discount on their first purchase.

The Delta Botanicals offer comes in a wide range of vaping products and the famous CBD cooking/baking oil and the CBD gummies. Here we will mention their best sellers, along with some basic info on these.

Delta CBD Cooking Hemp Oil



CBD Cooking and Baking Oil – the Delta Botanicals cooking and baking oil is one of their most famous and most popular products. Available in a 200 ml bottle, this is a nice blend of coconut oil mixed with rich hemp oil with high CBD content. The claim is that every tablespoon of this CBD cooking and baking oil contains about 15mg of pure CBD, which only adds to the appeal to use this in everyday uses.

delta botanicals gummies

CBD Gummies – this is a relatively new product for the Delta Botanical company. These CBD Gummies are sorted by flavor and the bottle contains an assortment of 15 gummies in five different flavors: strawberry, pineapple, apple, orange, and lemon. The gummies are a nice way to get a daily dose of CBD, as they contain 10mg of pure CBD per gummy, and their other ingredients are organic cane sugar, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor and color, coconut oil and hemp oil.

delta botanicals CBD hemp oil 150mg

Blue Label CBD E-Liquid – the Blue Label CBD E-Liquid has the lowest concentration of CBD in a vaping liquid sold by the Delta Botanicals company. This is aimed at beginners and consumers that only take small doses of CBD per day. This is packed in a nice, budget-friendly 30 ml bottle containing 150mg of pure CBD per bottle. It comes with a very affordable price in a variety of flavors: Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple and Vanilla Cream and can be consumed as a vaping liquid or placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds.

delta botanicals 300mg hemp oil

Green Label CBD E-Liquid – The Green Label is more concentrated than the Blue, containing 300mg of pure CBD per 30 ml bottle mixed with a base of vegetable glycerin. This is a nice, still very affordable choice for people that like the higher dose of CBD and again enjoy vaping throughout the day. It comes in a variety of flavors: Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple and Vanilla Cream and can be consumed as a vaping liquid or placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds.

delta cbd oil 600mg

Gold Label CBD E-Liquid – the Gold Label has double the content of CBD than the Green Label, making this a more concentrated, more potent vaping liquid. Aimed at people that crave the “hit” of a higher dose of CBD, this is a still fairly priced product. This one also comes in a variety of flavors: Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple and Vanilla Cream and can be consumed as a vaping liquid or placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds.

delta cbd oil 1000mg

Purple Label CBD E-Liquid – the highly concentrated blend of the Purple Label contains 1000mg of pure CBD in a mix of vegetable glycerin packed in an easy to handle 30 ml bottle. This product is aimed at people that are seeking immediate results from CBD intake and do not use vaping that often. And this also comes in a variety of flavors: Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple and Vanilla Cream and can be consumed either as a vaping liquid or placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds (although this should be done at own risk considering the dose of CBD it contains).

delta cbd vape concentrate 1250mg

CBD Vape Concentrate – the CBD Vape Concentrate made by the Delta Botanicals is a very concentrated blend, containing 1250mg of pure CBD mixed with vegetable glycerin in a 30 ml bottle. This gives it an amazing 42mg in a single ml of vaping liquid. This premium product comes with a hefty price tag and should be taken by people that know what they are doing and need the mighty kick of the CBD oils, as it is primarily intended to be mixed as an additive with other vaping liquids. It can be taken orally, placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds, but carefully as it is a very concentrated mix.

Conclusion – Delta CBD Rundown

Based on the research and time spent investigating this brand, it seems like Delta Botanicals is a solid choice for those looking for vaping juice options, CBD edible gummies, and other options. The review ratings are average or above average and the products are available on Mr. Checkout as well as other sites. Delta Botanicals CBD is most known for its vape juices and although they suggest they you can use them as a tincture, it’s best to just vape them and not ingest via tincture. Again, that’s just a personal opinion.

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Have you purchased the Delta Botanicals products? If so, then we want to hear from you today! Please share your ratings with us on the brand. Do so by leaving a comment below.

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