Cloud Pen 3.0


The Cloud Pens aka Cloud Penz are well-known for being one of the very first compact and affordable as well as portable vape pens on the market. Every time you hear Cloud Pen, people think quality which is just what you will get when you purchase their 3rd Generation Cloud Pen.

We will be focusing on the characteristics and performance to see if this is a good investment for you. Here’s what you need to know before doing anything…


3rd Generation Cloud Pen Details

Here’s a quick summary of things to help you better understand what you’re getting into with regards to the Cloud Penz in general.

  • Use of Dry product, Liquid product, and Wax product
  • 650mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Micro USB charger
  • Dual ceramic rod coil for wax
  • Vertical ceramic rod coil for wax
  • Stainless steel chamber coil for dry herb
  • 1-year warranty on the battery
  • 30-day warranty on the coil(s)

The Design

Okay, so, for starters the size of this pen is what makes it magical. Even though it appears to be tiny and not able to give a whole lot of vapor production, think again. The Cloud Pens do just that, make clouds, this one is no different. This is there better than ever version of an already luxurious vape pen. This little guy is compact and discreet enough you can use it anywhere for a quick puff. So convenient!

Now, because of the compact design, this does mean that the 650mAh lithium-ion battery that is its power source does not stay charged as long as most vape pens. But usually, with wax pens, you won’t find yourself consistently puffing on it all day. But if you do just know that this battery will not last you the whole day.


Cloud Pen has done some evolving with the latest technology in the industry. Before you only had one option for the coil but now they give you three different types of coils that are all created with the most innovative technology we have seen.

  • Dual Ceramic Rod-Coil – A coil that holds two ceramic rods, horizontally, at the bottom, with Kanthal wire wrapped around them. These are nice because the two rods next to each other create a nice surface to apply your product onto. Ceramic is great for giving you a flavorful vape experience.
  • Vertical Ceramic Coil – This is a newer designed coil which has one ceramic rod, vertically, in the center, with Kanthal wire wrapped around it. Designed to bring a vape experience with more coverage.
  • Dry Herb Coil – This comes with the same vertical ceramic rod technology but it is in a full stainless steel chamber that comes with a vented lid.

Now when purchasing the full kit you will be purchasing a pristine and thorough starter kit that will make sure that all levels of vapers are impressed.

The Kit

  • Cloud Pen 3.0
  • Dual ceramic rod coil for wax
  • Vertical ceramic rod coil for wax
  • Dry herbal coil for herb
  • Atlas 3.0 Globe that will be used with the herbal coil
  • 5 x mouth guards
  • Micro USB charger
  • A loading tool
  • Silicone Container
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Sticker
  • Carrying case
  • User Manual
  • Authenticity Card


What sets the Cloud Pen 3.0 apart from the previous models are few in number but mighty with improvements.

  • Faster heat-time – The Cloud Pen3.0 has a heat-up time of a whopping 5-seconds
  • Click-in coil technology – The Cloud Pen 3.0 is equipped with the latest technology
  • Micro USB charger – The Cloud Pen 3.0 has a more convenient charging port

The Cloud Pen 3.0 In Action

This pen is a high-performance and discreet sidekick that you will not want to leave your house without in hand. The Cloud Pen 3.0 is recommended for all levels of vape enthusiasts, it is built with convenient and low-maintenance cleaning in mind. The 3rd Generation Cloud Pen looks simplistic to the eye which adds to its stealth-like body.

Just like the Cloud Pen 2.0, the Cloud Pen 3.0 has a heat-up time of 25-seconds. There is only one golden LED button on the face of the Cloud Pen, which is used for turning your Cloud Pen 3.0 on/off as well as taking a draw off your pen. This nifty Cloud Pen will let you know when the battery reaches a low 10% charge by a red LED light from the button.


Here’s a video from Grasscity explaining their thoughts on the Cloud Pen 3.0.


The Cloud Pen 3.0 is a convenient and efficient vape pen that is perfect for everyone. It is easy to use, easy to load, and easy to clean. Cloud Pen has outdone themselves with their supersonic 5-second heat-up time. When purchasing this kit you will be experiencing a luxurious vape that will have you drooling. This is a great 3-in-1 vape pen, that will vape your product to perfection. Now, if you’re looking for other types of products like CBD oils, then my advice would be to start by reading the main page here.

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