Cloud 9 Hemp Review


You’ve heard of Cloud 9 Vape, now it’s time to get the full details of the Cloud 9 brand and everything they offer. The company has been around since 2014 and ever since then has been working on improving the awareness about CBD and widening the circle of acceptance of the CBD products.

cloud 9 hemp review

The Full Cloud 9 Hemp Rundown

The Cloud N9ne Hemp product offer is plentiful, from CBD e-liquids, oils, edibles, additives, waxes/dabs, topicals and CBD for pets (not all products on their website are made by Cloud 9 Hemp, as they do sell products from other hemp and CBD manufacturers).

Some of their most famous products are the CBD e-liquids which come in an abundance of flavors and at a very reasonable price of $20 per bottle. The other products from Cloud 9 Hemp also come in a variety of flavors and concentrations, and the price ranges between $20 and $200. They have stated that they use medical grade hemp, but don’t reveal the source where they get their hemp from. They have also stated that their preferred method of extraction of the CBD and other hemp terpenes is the CO2 extraction method.

Another thing that one can find on the product pages on the Cloud 9 Hemp website is the ingredients list of every product and a simple instruction on how to use every specific product. Cloud 9 Hemp has also mentioned that they perform tests of their products, but we did not find any more evidence, nor did we find test results supporting this claim.

Still, they claim that all their products are non-GMO, are gluten-free and are completely 100% vegetarian, as they only use vegetable glycerin as an emulsifier in their oils and blends. Their blends are said to contain full spectrum natural hemp terpenes along the CBD, which is something we like to hear, as we know the true benefit of the complete entourage effect.

On every product page, there are at least several customer reviews all describing the positive effect the Cloud 9 Hemp products had on their lives. The Cloud 9 Hemp company is very responsible when it comes to their customer care, as one can easily reach them over a toll-free phone and an email contact. They are also very active on their social media profiles, where potential customers can find out more about sales, unique offers and even educational articles related to hemp and CBD.

If you’re looking for a bunch of hemp brands to dive into before making a purchase, then I’m going to suggest that you head back to the homepage. You will find a bunch of information there that can certainly be helpful in making purchasing decisions.

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