CBD For Opiate Addiction & Withdrawal


Opiate addiction is a serious condition that is difficult to treat because of the complexity of the situation. It is difficult to treat a patient addicted to opioid medication with other types of medication without causing more severe problems in the body. So, many people in this condition seek natural remedies that could help.

You are guessing that we’ll be talking about CBD and its effects on the body. Also, we’ll share a list of our selection for the best CBD oils on the market today that could help people with opioid addictions. We’ll cover how opioids cause the issues and how CBD has the potential to help.

CBD, Opiates And The Body

All organisms have an endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system helps run all the important internal processes in the body, from temperature regulation, inflammation, pain, appetite, mood, and lots more. The ECS has CBD receptors that work with specific endocannabinoid compounds synthesized in the body. In the case of disrupting the natural endocannabinoid production, the body could start experiencing various symptoms. This can manifest in different ways that are painful and unpleasant.

The positive side – if you take cannabinoid supplements, for example, CBD, then you can help restore the ECS’s balance. This is a complex mechanism, but the general definition is that ECS has specific CB receptors that are everywhere it the body. The CBD interacts with the CB receptors throughout the body, boosting its functions.

How CBD Can Help With Addiction?

Opiate medication is prescribed to people with severe medical issues like pain that is unbearable and can’t be helped with other methods. But how much good they do, they can be equally bad, as opiates have the trait of causing addiction. The body gets so used to the intake of opiates, making the weaning of them highly uncomfortable and painful. Even for people that have used opiates for short periods, there are significant withdrawal symptoms, but in the case of long-term opiate use, there are severe symptoms like strong physical and emotional pain.

While opiates do some good in the body, they can cause much harm. They bind with the dopamine receptors in the body, numbing them and making them less sensitive to the dopamine’s effect in the body. Once the body stops getting opiates, the dopamine receptors take time to regain its function, causing severe pain in the body.

CBD can regulate the dopamine receptors, stimulating its normal function, and relieving the painful withdrawal from opiates. There is scientific evidence to confirm this, and more researchers work on this topic, as a lot of people suffer through opiate addiction every year. We are not talking only about medically-prescribed opiates, as using drugs like heroin have the same effects on the body.

CBD can help with the pain caused by opiate withdrawal, can help with accompanying nausea, sleeplessness, and help regulate the appetite. Withdrawing from opiates is usually accompanied by anxiety, paranoia, disorientation, and severe mood swings. Taking a regular dose of CBD can help manage these symptoms until the body is strong enough to get back in its normal balance.

Some conclusive research has also proved a strong link between CBD and commonly prescribed opiate medication. Some doctors suggest that it is a good option to prescribe CBD or medical cannabis to patients alongside painkillers, as the cannabis products can counteract the addictive effect while increasing its therapeutic value.

CBD is an adaptogen substance, meaning it is a natural compound that helps the body adapt to stresses and normalizes the stresses’ effect on the internal functions of the body. So taking CBD is much less invasive and much more effective. The best thing – CBD does not cause any addiction and has almost no side effects. It makes sense to give this amazing compound a chance instead of poisoning your body with strong, harmful medications.

CBD Oils To Help Fight Opiate Addiction

To help you find good CBD oil for your needs, we have prepared a list of several CBD oils that show excellent promise in helping people counteract the effects of opiate addiction. We used several criteria in our selection like the composition of the oil, source of hemp, lab tests, and respectability of manufacturer, customer reviews, and price. Here is our selection for the best ones on the market now, but we did not arrange these in any order as we like all of the entries on this list.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oil

Receptra Naturals is a CBD company that uses US-grown hemp and extracts full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extracts. Here we outline the Seriously Relax CBD oil made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, MCT carrier oil, lavender oil, passionflower extract, and the terpene limonene. This blend is especially helpful for promoting relaxation and balance, as both the CBD and the lavender have relaxation-promoting properties.

NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

NuLeaf became a CBD brand that makes high-quality CBD products. They source Colorado-grown hemp and use CO2 extraction to make pure, potent products. The NuLeaf Naturals full-spectrum CBD oil is blended with organic virgin hemp seed oil. Together these two ingredients bring a synergistic effect that helps relieve even more severe symptoms.

Fab CBD CBD Oil Drops

Fab CBD is a company that has gained a lot of popularity in the short time it has been on the market. They offer a good variety of CBD oils made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and come in several flavors and strengths. To appeal to a wider customer base, there are flavors like mint, vanilla, berry, citrus, and of course, a natural tincture. Fab CBD also offers different strengths of CBD per bottle for people with different CBD needs.

Mary’s Nutritionals Remedy Tincture

This CBD company makes good CBD products from US-grown hemp which are lab-tested for purity and potency. Here we have the full-spectrum hemp extract tincture called Remedy Tincture. This CBD oil is also blended with sweet almond oil, cinnamon oil, and myrrh extract for increased efficacy. It is packed in a 15 ml bottle with 500 mg of CBD, and people should start with very small doses and increase the intake as needed.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads makes its CBD-based products from certified-organic hemp grown on US farms. This company uses CO2 extraction, and they test their product for purity and potency. We chose their CBD oil tincture with 1500 mg of CBD per bottle. Green Roads makes certain that all the ingredients in the oil are GMO-free. The 1500 mg CBD Oil tincture by Green Roads is a quality choice and has a good amount of CBD in each dose.

CBD MD CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD MD is a quality CBD brand with excellent products. Their CBD tinctures are made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and have zero THC. It comes in several different concentrations of CBD per bottle. CBD MD makes natural-flavored tincture, and for the people that don’t like the natural flavor, there are fruity flavors of berries and oranges, as well as mint-flavored CBD tincture. CBD MD enjoys a good reputation among its customers as this brand has amazing prices considering the quality of its products.

Koi Naturals CBD Oil

Koi Naturals has transformed itself into a quality CBD brand that uses industrial hemp sourced from Colorado. The Koi Naturals products are made with THC-free hemp extracts that are tested in independent labs. Here we have selected the CBD oil with 1000 mg CBD that comes in a natural version of with added flavors like spearmint, orange, lemon-lime, strawberry, and peppermint, to appeal to more customers.

CBDfx CBD Tincture

This CBD brand enjoys a good reputation for offering quality CBD products. Their product catalog is vast, with different types of products made from organic industrial hemp grown in Kentucky, USA. They make CBD oil tinctures with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil blended with MCT carrier oil. It comes in different concentrations that suit people with various symptoms.

Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture

Elixinol is a good CBD brand that makes its products from US-grown hemp. Their Daily Balance CBD Tinctures are made with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and has MCT coconut oil as a carrier oil. Elixinol’s CBD oils enjoy a good reputation, have pure extract, and come in several concentrations. Elixinol offers its tinctures in natural and cinnamint flavors that appeal to many customers.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

Cheef Botanicals has a good company policy and makes quality products that fit all our criteria. The company uses CO2 extraction to make broad-spectrum hemp extract. The Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil is made with this broad-spectrum hemp extract and is blended with hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. It only has natural ingredients, has no THC, and is free from GMOs. It can be used sublingually or added to foods or drinks.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Opiate medication is prescribed for helping people through severe pain, but it is very easy for a person to become addicted to these. Fighting with opiate addiction is a difficult process that takes a toll on the body. It is why many people that once had battles with this problem go for the natural route and select natural remedies that can provide long-term relief without the severe side-effects. CBD is such a natural remedy, as it can help the body balance its natural processes.

CBD could help people get through the recovery from opiate addiction, as it acts on the ECS, and it counteracts the more severe problems of physical and emotional pain. Here we selected a list of ten CBD oils from various manufacturers that we believe could provide relief. If you know anyone that is going through such a problem, then you should point them to this article. We don’t deny medicine but believe that CBD is a great option for relief and healing and that it is the future of medicine.

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