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CBD – Cannabidiol has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and rightfully so. CBD is a compound derived from the industrial hemp plant and most commonly purchased in the form of an oil tincture. The content of cannabidiol and other ingredients in the oil tincture can vary from one manufacturer to the next. The other type of product which is commonly purchased that guarantees to deliver CBD in its purest form is a concentrate.

What Is CBD Concentrate?

This is actually pure CBD aka Cannabidiol. It’s the most abundant and useful phytocannabinoid derived from the industrial hemp plant or Cannabis Sativa. The concentrate form is pure and very potent.

The production of this product starts by extracting the CBD from the industrial hemp plants by suitable methods, the most used one being the CO2 extraction method. After extraction from the hemp, the resulting product is a mix of CBD, natural terpenes, and hemp seed oil. To produce the concentrate, this mix needs to be refined and concentrated as to extract only the pure CBD.

The CBD Concentrate is 100% (actually 98% to 99%) pure CBD – there are no additional ingredients in this product. Depending on the manufacturers, the concentrate usually comes in a crystalline form or powdered form. I’ve personally been testing these forms for quite some time and have shared some of the best below.

CBD Concentrate is not psychotropic and is legal across the US and in 40 countries around the world. Even though the effects and use of the CBD concentrate are not recognized by the FDA, there are many manufacturers that sell high quality, potent CBD Concentrates that perhaps have many beneficial effects on the health.

Why And How To Use CBD Concentrates?

A concentrate is the most potent and effective method of delivering a high dose of CBD into your system. And by using CBD Concentrate, you don’t have to take a lot of the somewhat unpleasant-tasting CBD oil tincture, but you can accurately measure the dose of CBD you want to take.

CBD has many positive effects on the human body, beneficially affecting many organs, mainly the brain and nervous system. By taking a concentrate, the effect of the CBD on your system is immediate. The same with any type of CBD product out there, the CBD concentrate also is used for relaxation, for alleviating joint and muscle pain, it helps with fatigue and acts as a sleep aid, helps fight inflammation and has very beneficial effects in treating epilepsy.

There are several preferred methods for using the concentrate in your everyday life.

Vaping the CBD Concentrate. Vaping (or vaporizing) is a manner of smoking, which is especially popular with using CBD hemp products. The vaping is a process where the concentrate is added to the e-liquid and heated to its vaporizing point, creating a thick vapor. The vapor is then inhaled. The vapor from the concentrate is rich in CBD which immediately gets absorbed by the lungs, entering the bloodstream and reaching every cell in the body. Vaping (vaporizing) is one of the most effective manners for distributing CBD in the body.

Have you ever heard of someone “dabbing” the concentrate? Dabbing is another popular way of using the many CBD concentrates on the market. Dabbing is similar to vaping, a dab of the CBD concentrate gets vaporized and the vapor is then inhaled through a water pipe – dab rig or oil rig, cooling and filtering the vapors. When inhaled, the CBD vapor gets absorbed by the lungs and enters the bloodstream.

Some people eat this! For the people that can’t vape or dab the CBD concentrates, there is also a very simple way to still use this. Some add it to their food or drinks and still get the beneficial effects of the CBD concentrate. There are many people that also add the concentrate to oil, spiking it with CBD and using it as a tincture or using it for cooking. There are also people that add CBD Concentrate crystals/powder into the butter and then create CBD enriched cakes/edibles.

Still, the recommended manner for taking concentrates is by inhaling its vapors (by vaping or dabbing), because this manner is the fastest and most effective when it comes to feeling the instant effects of the highly potent CBD Concentrate.

Which Are The Best?

I’ll have the complete list of the best very soon!


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