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A company with seed-to-product policy, Ananda Hemp is a Kentucky-based CBD brand with a good array of quality products. They use organic farming to grow the hemp and then cold-press only the flower buds for a robust full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, which is the base for all their products. There is a broad-spectrum CBD oil for the people that don’t like any THC in their CBD tincture.

Each product batch is tested for purity and potency, the results are published online for transparency. The official website also provides plenty of knowledge on hemp and CBD. If you can afford them, the Ananda Hemp products are definitely worth every penny.

I’ve written a lot of reviews on different CBD companies (learn more here). Some have been on the market since the establishment of the CBD industry and some are relatively young companies barely a year in this business. For today’s topic, I’ve selected Ananda Hemp, an amazing company with an interesting story.

This is one of the CBD companies that has recognized the importance and potential benefits of CBD.

The Ananda Hemp was among the first to import industrial hemp to the US soon after CBD oil became legal in the US is 2014, and in 2015 they started their industrial hemp production in Kentucky. Read on for more info about the brand and its products.

Ananda Hemp Brand Background

Ananda Hemp was founded in 2015 and it is seated in Cynthiana, Kentucky. The company has its own hemp growing facility which encompasses over 500 acres of Kentucky farms and is cultivated by an 8th generation farmers that know their business. The hemp is grown with organic techniques and is used to make the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract later used in all their products.

This brand is owned by Ecofibre Ltd, which is a company with over 25 years of experience in cultivating industrial hemp for fiber production. They have the largest private cannabis seed bank with over 300+ cultivars of hemp, which makes it easy for Ananda Hemp to select quality CBD-rich strains that will produce high yields.

Their extraction method is cold-pressing of the hemp flower, as they do not use the stalk or any other part of the plant except the flowers. They believe all the good things about hemp are only found in the flower buds of the plant.

Because the strain of hemp they cultivate produces very little THC, the extract is compliant with the legal limit of less than 0.3% THC. Still, they offer several products with zero THC. All the Ananda Hemp products are tested in an independent laboratory and the results can be searched on their website by batch number.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and they are available via phone, live chat on their website and social media, as well as very responsive to email.

It is a reflection of the attention and devotion they have towards their clients, and together with the good products they offer, these are the markings of a great CBD company.


Ananda Hemp makes CBD oils, soft gels, some topicals, stuff for pets, and what they call their intimate bliss oil. Here is an overview of all these products…


Ananda Hemp makes broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils, which are free from GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides.

Their full-spectrum CBD hemp extract offer includes oils in three concentrations. All the oils are made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, as the company believes in the powers of hemp, and the beneficial effects each part of the plant has to offer.

  • The Spectrum 300 has 300 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle is their original formulation which is made with 300 mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes for a complete entourage effect, equating to 10 mg of CBD per serving.
  • The Spectrum 600 CBD oil has 600 mg of CBD in a 30 ml dose, for a serving with 20 mg of CBD hemp extract with all the useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Like the other CBD oils by Ananda Hemp, this is also vegan and GMO-free.
  • The Spectrum 2000 has 2000 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract in a 50 ml bottle, made with GMO-free and vegan ingredients, blended with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. This oil is intended for people with experience in CBD and more severe symptoms, as the 40 mg of CBD per dose packs a good punch.
  • The Broad Spectrum CBD oil with 600 mg of CBD is their THC-free option for people that want the benefits of the cannabinoid/terpene blend without any THC. This tincture has 20 mg of CBD per every ml serving dose, blended with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, for a completely THC-free, GMO-free and vegan product.

CBD Soft Gels

Ananda Hemp makes two types of CBD gel capsules, a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, and a broad-spectrum CBD extract.

The formulation of the Spectrum Soft gel capsules is the same in both versions, they are GMO-free, certified glyphosate-free, lab-tested for purity and potency, and are made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Both contain 15 mg of active CBD hemp extract and come in bottles with 30 or 60 capsules.

The main difference is the THC-content: the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract contains a small amount of THC, which is less than 0.3%, while the broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract has absolutely no THC. Both soft gel capsules are an excellent way of taking a consistent dose of CBD every time, with discretion and convenience in mind.

CBD Topicals

The Ananda Hemp topical cream offer has three distinct products:

  • Topical Salve is made with 125 mg of active cannabinoids from their full-spectrum CBD hemp extract packed in a small 25 g jar. This salve is intended to help with sore muscles and localized pain, as well as support skin health. It also contains an array of ingredients that have beneficial effects on the skin like cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, Boswellia extract, White Willow bark, cayenne, Calendula, ginger, oils from arnica, sunflower, wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender, as well as menthol crystals for a pleasant cooling effect. The salve has a pleasant scent, it gets absorbed in the skin very quickly and does not leave an oily residue.
  • Full-spectrum Roll-On is a special formula that has 150 mg of active cannabinoids in a blend of other botanical extracts that help promote a pain-free life. The roll-on bottle holds 30 ml from this topical and helps with easy application on the places where it is needed the most, like temples, knees, wrists or other pressure points. This topical contains willow bark extract, arnica, camphor, menthol, lavender oil, and shea butter, among other ingredients.
  • Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum Lotion in a product that helps the health of the skin with a blend of natural ingredients. This product contains 250 mg full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, aloe leaf, organic jojoba oil, white willow bark, and organic coconut oil, all ingredients that have moisturizing effects on the skin, and also promote healing and skin rejuvenation. The lotion is packed in a 60 ml bottle, is completely GMO-free, paraben and sulfate-free and is proudly made in Kentucky, USA.

CBD Intimate Oil

Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil is a proprietary blend of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and other natural ingredients intended to enhance the sexual experience for everyone.

This product contains 250 mg of active cannabinoids and ingredients like cacao seed butter, peppermint, and black pepper, helping with stimulation. This is a ph-neutral product, is free from pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs and other harmful ingredients.

Bliss Intimate Oil is a product of Dr. Alex Capano, who is the CSO of Ananda Hemp as well as a nurse practitioner. As a long-term medical expert on sexual health, she noticed that many times patients complained of unpleasant and/or painful sexual experiences, which inspired her to create this natural, effective alternative that works great for both the guys and the ladies.

CBD Pet Products

The Ananda Hemp pet product offering consists of a CBD oil for pets. This product is made with 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract packed in a 30 ml bottle.

CBD oil can help your pet find relief from pain, anxiety, stress, better relaxation and comfort, and boost the immune system. There is a great dosing table on the product page on the official website, so you can easily find the perfect dose for your pet.

Pros and Cons

Ananda Hemp has a very good operating policy, but still, during my research into this brand, I found some pros and some cons:

The Pros

  • US-grown hemp: Ananda Hemp is one of the rare CBD brands that grow their hemp. Ananda Hemp has more than 500 acres of industrial hemp fields in Kentucky, which yield the crops used for the production of the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.
  • Seed-to-product control: as this company grows its hemp from seeds provided by their parent company, and they make everything in-house, it is relatively simple for them to follow each step of the production, starting with organic farming methods through using superior extraction methods and mainly organic ingredients and botanical extracts.
  • Cold-pressing of flower buds only: the company does not use the stalks other parts of the plant, as the majority of the useful ingredients are concentrated in the flower buds. They use cold-pressing, a method that produces robust extract with all the useful ingredients from the hemp plant.
  • Full-spectrum products and broad-spectrum oils: all their products are made with the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract with less than 0.3% THC for a complete entourage effect. However, for the people that do not like THC at all, there is a CBD tincture made from broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with zero THC.
  • Tested for purity and potency: the company makes lab tests on all products and they publish the results online on each product page.
  • Excellent customer support: there are a phone number, a live chat option and an email address where people can contact Ananda Hemp with any question. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Cons

  • High prices: I’ve seen all kinds of CBD manufacturers with different price ranges. Still, Ananda Hemp has its pricing on the higher end of the spectrum when compared to similar products. The company’s devotion to quality and delivering superior products explains the higher prices.

Conclusion / Recommendation

Ananda Hemp has a very good company policy and mission. They have been one of the pioneering companies that have started industrial hemp cultivation in the USA, and they use only their organically-grown CBD-rich plants from Kentucky to produce the CBD products.

The brand uses a cold-pressing technique to draw out the robust full-spectrum CBD hemp extract which has less than 0.3% THC and is the base for the majority of their products. Each product is made in small batches to ensure quality.

If not for the higher price points, this would be the perfect CBD brand, as the company has thought of everything when they made their products. If it fits into your CBD budget, then I strongly recommend Ananda Hemp and its products.

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