Wisconsin CBD Laws


Wisconsin has an industrial hemp pilot program instated in 2017, related to growing and processing industrial hemp. There is a CBD-specific marijuana law, meaning that only CBD-products that are not psychoactive can be used with a physician recommendation.

Wisconsin CBD: Laws in the Badger State

The Wisconsin legislature has voted positively on Senate Bill 119, establishing a pilot program for the research into the viability of commercial planting and processing of industrial hemp. The Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program was later amended and expanded, and is now run by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and has resulted in 1855 acres of this plant being cultivated in Wisconsin in 2018.

Hemp in the USA

Hemp has been used by people since ancient times as a source for natural fiber for the production of many things, some of which include clothes and ropes. It was found out later that has medical properties. Hemp was introduced in the USA by the first European settlers in the 1500s, and later, native tribes accepted this crop and used it as a medicinal herb. Hemp production was in high demand and Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, and James Monroe were among the most avid hemp farmers back in the day.

Due to the invention of nylon for fibers and the use of wood as a raw material for paper, and its mix-up with cannabis, industrial hemp suffered an unfortunate fate and was outlawed in 1937 and completely banned from production in 1957.

However, President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, delineating hemp and marijuana, thus allowing the planting of hemp as an agricultural crop for research purposes. Later, in 2018, President Trump signed an expansion of the Farm Bill, allowing commercial cultivation of industrial hemp and legalizing all hemp products across the USA.

Cannabis comes in many varieties with plenty of interesting effects, but the main ones are that hemp is rich in CBD and marijuana is rich in THC. Here I bring you two strains of marijuana that are preferred by the medicinal marijuana users.

  • Dancehall is a famous CBD-rich strain with a mixed terpene profile, with buds smelling woodsy, flowery, and spicy. It is Sativa-dominant, with euphoric and energetic high and uplifting, happy feelings. The medical side of Dancehall is good, with good effects on pain management, stress, and depression, fatigue, and inflammation.
  • Ringo’s Gift is a powerful CBD-rich strain that was named in honor of one of the first CBD activists, Lawrence Ringo. The ratio of CBD and THC goes up to 1:24 in favor of CBD. The smoke is smelling of lemons, and provides a full-body relaxation. The medical side is also good, helping people better deal with stress, depression and anxiety, also helping manage pain and inflammation.

Wisconsin CBD law

This state has a program for establishing the viability of the cultivation of industrial hemp as a cash crop since 2017. There has been increased interest in growing this crop in Wisconsin, as the law allows the growing, harvesting, transport, selling, and buying of this crop. The farmers need to obtain a state-issued license and legally grow hemp.

The use of CBD is allowed under federal law, which states that CBD oil and other products are legal all across the USA if they are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. However, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has issued a memo advising law enforcement that CBD oil and other CBD products regardless of their THC content are illegal to possess and distribute in Wisconsin, except for registered patients. These two opposed opinions make it unclear for the citizens, but law enforcement people usually ignore this and allow the people to use CBD oil and other CBD products.

Medical Marijuana

The state of Wisconsin does not have a medical marijuana program, but it has a CBD-specific law operational since 2014. Any person that would like to use CBD oil or other CBD product needs to have a doctor’s recommendation, as this is the only way people can freely use CBD in Wisconsin.

There are talks that the people will be asked to vote on an initiative about legalizing the medical and recreational use of marijuana in this state, but this is yet to be determined and put into action.

No Weed For Wisconsinites

America’s Dairyland is not a land where people can freely light up a joint. Anyone caught with any amount of weed on them for the first time will get a misdemeanor charge and 6 months in prison, accompanied by a $1,000 fine. A second offense is a felony, with 3.5 years in prison and $10,000 fine, as marijuana is considered a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance in Wisconsin. Home cultivation is forbidden and severely punishable.

Still, there are local jurisdictions that have fully or partly decriminalized the possession of minor amounts of cannabis. So if anyone is caught in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Kenosha, La Crosse, Madison, Marshfield, Milwaukee, Monona, Oshkosh, Racine, Stevens Point, Superior, Waukesha, and Wausau with anywhere from 5 grams up to 25 grams, depending on the municipality, they are in for a monetary fine that goes from $50 to $200.

CBD Buying Options

The CBD oil and other CBD products are gaining popularity in Wisconsin, and besides some unclear rules about the possession of this kind of product, there are many retail stores selling good quality CBD products. The best stores of this kind can be found in Milwaukee, Madison, and Black River Falls.

Of course, people that live to far away from these can freely go online and order any type of CBD product they like. This way they can get CBD products discreetly and have it delivered to their home, usually free of extra charge.


Wisconsin has legalized industrial hemp farming. This state has a state-licensing program that allows farmers to legally cultivate trade or process this crop. The state does not have a medical marijuana program, but only allows the use of CBD products for people that have a doctor’s recommendation that their condition can benefit from the use of such products.

The use of recreational marijuana is not actually legal, but many local jurisdictions have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of weed for personal use. Lastly, the use of CBD oil and other CBD products is allowed on a federal level, and people can go to one of the many retail stores to get their product or go online and have it delivered to their home.

Check out the whole list of laws here on this state law table.

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