Veterans Now Turning To CBD Oil In Order To Avoid Opioid Use


Here, it should be pretty clear what our stance is when it comes to using hemp and CBD products. We encourage it and there’s one group of people that are now benefiting quite a bit from it – Veterans.

The beneficial effects of cannabis have long been praised by many people. There is a growing opinion that the benefits of using cannabis in helping people in uncomfortable situations are plentiful. It comes to no surprise that many people choose to use cannabis as a remedy for various conditions.

The CBD oil has been used as a substitute for several opioid drugs, and this use has shown satisfactory results. That is why many people associated with the United States Armed Forces Veterans have demanded the change of the usually prescribed opioid drugs and opted for the legal CBD oils that are made from industrial hemp.

veterans cbd oil use rising

Can Cannabis and CBD Really Help Veterans? YES!

Several representatives of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs met with members of the Cannabis Caucus a few days ago, and the theme of their discussion was the effects the CBD oils have in treating the conditions many Veterans find themselves in, a treatment that so far was managed by prescribing opioids.

Many Vets tend to overmedicate on heavy opioid drugs. The use, overuse, and abuse of opioids cause toxins to build up in the body, causing increased resistance and necessitating the increase of the dosages, also have detrimental effects on the body. A retired LtCol. Steve Danyluk saw the need for a change in the way these soldiers get drugs prescribed to them, and that is why he founded Warfighter Hemp.

Warfighter Hemp Might Be The Answer – A veteran operated company

Warfighter Hemp is a company specializing in producing CBD oil specially for veterans thus providing affordable option instead of the expensive pharmaceuticals veterans usually have to take. It employs veterans and non-veterans, as they all work together in creating better healing options for them instead of the heavy and serious drugs they typically get prescribed all the time.

CBD oil does not have any psychoactive effects, and that is why Danyluk is sharing his opinions on the matter with the people that are making the laws.

The Warfighter products are made from organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado, which is a completely legal product. Another plus for Warfighter Hemp is that they donate 50% of the proceeds to charities that support the independence of veterans. You can follow them on Facebook to learn all about their offer and company policy.

Meeting between veterans and lawmakers

The meeting was held with several Congressmen in attendance and was supported by most of them. The point of the meeting was to secure a signed letter with a request to perform a study of the effects of the CBD oil made from industrial hemp. The request was sent to the Department of Veteran Affairs, which is the governing body responsible for this matter.

This is not the first request of this kind. There has been a previous demand by several members about assessing the effects of medical marijuana, which has fallen on deaf ears and has been denied.

Luckily for them, several congressmen along with Ranking members have introduced the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act, which is a bill that supports the right for VA to make the necessary research on medical marijuana, and report their findings to the Congress, which will further decide on its fate.

Support the use of CBD oil

Such a request is very welcomed, as many veterans have started using CBD oil on their own, and have noticed surprisingly positive results. The many positive experiences are spawning the growing demands that industrial hemp and medical marijuana be taken into serious consideration as these plants have great potential in being just the right thing our country’s veterans need.

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