Spruce CBD Oil Review


Summary: We took a much deeper look into the Spruce Natural Labs CBD brand. This is a company that is based out of North Carolina and is operated by a family that knows and appreciates the healing powers of CBD. The company uses industrial hemp from family-owned farms from North Carolina and Kentucky. Interestingly, they use moonshine as a base for extracting the full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil that they call lab-grade quality.

Spruce regularly tests each batch of products for quality, purity, and potency. For now, the product offer is narrow, as they only have CBD oil, CBD topical cream, and CBD pet oils. We like this company and hope that it will bring some new products on the market soon, as their lab-grade quality deserves to be used by many people.

The Spruce CBD Brand

The complete name of this company is Spruce Natural Labs and its location is in Raleigh, North Carolina. This brand was founded in 2018 as a family business aiming at producing lab-grade CBD-based products with very high quality. The Spruce website is nicely designed, with a natural theme and simple overview where one can easily navigate.

Spruce uses hemp grown in Kentucky and North Carolina and cooperates only with family farms that have a strong devotion to growing quality crops. The company uses ethanol, or more exactly moonshine extraction, as this way they can produce a completely full-spectrum extract that has all the natural terpenes and has less than 0.3% THC. The lab tests done in independent labs are published online, on a separate page where every interested person can download the latest test results.

Spruce offers free shipping to all US orders, and at the moment, they do not offer international shipping. The company is very active in answering client inquiries, and you can message them via the live chat option or even contact them via phone. Spruce offers a 30-day return option for anyone that changes its mind about the order.

CBD Products

Spruce Natural Labs has limited products on their offer. Still, all of them are made in the USA from lab-grade full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

CBD Oils

The Spruce CBD oils are made from full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract. At this time, they offer two types of CBD oils with different strengths.

  • 750 mg Lab-grade CBD oil – this product is made with 100% natural ingredients with impeccable quality. The 30 ml bottle contains 750 mg of CBD, and each full 1 ml dropper brings 25 mg CBD. As a carrier oil Spruce uses organic hemp seed oil, making a product that is vegan and gluten-free. To improve the natural flavor of the oil, Spruce adds natural peppermint flavor.
  • 2400 mg Lab-grade CBD oil – a completely natural product, this CBD oil is made with 2400 mg full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract, packed in a 30 ml bottle. This is highly concentrated CBD oil, and each full 1 ml dropper has 80 mg of CBD. The customers can select between an organic hemp seed carrier oil or MCT coconut carrier oil. Both of these have different flavors and have health benefits.

CBD Topicals

Spruce has one CBD topical on its offer. The Topical CBD Cream by Spruce is made with natural ingredients and is an all-plant derived product. The cream is packed in a two-ounce jar and has 300 mg of CBD. Due to the composition, many people that have tried it have reported excellent relief from localized pain and arthritis.

CBD Pet Products

Spruce has two pet-friendly CBD oils on their offer. Both of these oils are made with high-quality ingredients and have 750 mg full-spectrum CBD in a 30 ml bottle. Spruce makes the oil wit MCT coconut oil, as it is much more pet-friendly. The Spruce website and the label on the bottle both have detailed instructions on the dosing of the oil for the various pets. These are packed as CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats, so you can buy the one you need for your pet.

Pros and Cons

Spruce seems like a quality CBD brand, and during my research, I noticed some pros and some cons of the brand and its products.


  • US-grown hemp from Kentucky and North Carolina
  • Lab-tested products results published online
  • Highly concentrated products
  • 100% natural, full-spectrum products
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • 30-day money-back option


  • The CBD oils have high prices
  • A relatively limited product offer

Final Recommendation

Spruce Natural Lab is a North-Carolinian family-run establishment that uses US-grown hemp to make CBD-based products. Spruce uses ethanol (moonshine) extraction to make a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. The official Spruce website has a lot of good info on many things CBD related, and it also carries the lab test results. The Spruce brand is very quick in responding to customer inquiries via the live chat option on the site.

Each of the Spruce products is accompanied by a lot of reviews by satisfied customers. I like this very much, as they do not hide the negative reviews and only post the positive, as we can read all types of responses by people that have indeed used the Spruce products. Overall, we like the company and what they have to offer and can’t wait for them to expand their product catalog with some new and interesting Spruce products.

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