Restorative Botanicals Review

A company that offers a wide variety of CBD products, Restorative Botanicals is using Colorado-grown hemp to make their herbal solutions. They have hemp oil blends, topicals, hemp oil foods, soft gel capsules, pet products and extra-strength products made from Certified Industrial Hemp. Their products can help with improving the overall health and wellness, bringing important nutrients that help the body and mind.

The Restorative Botanicals Brand Rundown

Located in Colorado, Restorative Botanicals uses CO2 extraction to draw out the hemp oil from their certified industrial hemp, and use this extract to make their further products. The hemp is grown free of GMO’s, pesticides, and herbicides, and harvested in a sustainable manner.

The company claims that they use third-party lab tests to confirm the purity and potency of the source hemp and their products, but don’t publish the results online. Their products have less than 0.3% THC, are meant to be taken daily, help manage pain, offer stress and anxiety relief and help with a lot more health concerns. The company is also very devoted to customer satisfaction, with good customer support and a 30-day return option.

The Products

Restorative Botanicals make several high-quality products that cover a lot of delivery methods and health issues. Their Extracted Hemp Oil Blends are made with hemp oil and a variety of other natural oils like organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, organic virgin olive oil, and sunflower oil, along with natural flavors. These come in three flavors and several sizes and concentrations and can be taken orally or added to foods or drinks.

There are broad-spectrum soft gel capsules with 15mf of CBD each; several creams and salves for muscle and joint pain; body and hand creams; Bolder Caramels with coconut milk caramel and hemp oil extract; Bolder Gummies; Full-spectrum hemp oil infused coffee beans, and Hemp shots. There are also their extra strength products, as well as 4Paws Pet Blend and 4Paws Hemp Extract topical relief balm.

All their products are made with CO2–extracted hemp oil, with other high-quality ingredients that only improve the effectiveness of the Restorative Botanicals products. The prices are very affordable, starting from $13,99 for their gummies and caramels, up to $299 for 4 ounces of their Restore Pure6 Extracted Full-spectrum Hemp Oil.

The Restorative Botanicals company is a member of the Hemp Industries Association, and they respect and support the HIA’s mission and goals. They also offer veteran assistance programs, offering a 20% discount to all verified veterans.

Final Conclusion

During my research for this review, I read a lot of information about Restorative Botanicals and I liked most of the things I read. The company’s devotion to sourcing high-quality hemp, to producing high-quality, potent products and their devotion to the customers make it quite appealing.

There is only the issue with lab tests, and even though they say that their products go through a thorough quality control process, there is no data online. Still, the nicely made and packages products from Restorative Botanicals and the many positive reviews from satisfied users point to a well-rounded brand and quality products that work.

Read more reviews and articles on the main page of the site if you’re still looking for more information.

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