People Vaping Today More Than Ever Before!


Conventional smoking is out, vaping is in. There’s no doubt about it! A recent study published by the University of Iowa has brought forth some interesting results – about one of every seven US adults have dabbled with e-cigs or vape devices. The study has also shown that this number has been on the rise, but the amount of constant users of these devices has been on the downside.

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The study contains data up to 2016, and it has shown that in 2016, about 3% of adults in the US use vape devices and e-cigs. This number was 4% in 2014. And the people that have reported testing vape devices at least once was 12.6% in 2014, and that number has risen to 15% in 2016. And this puts about 33 million adult Americans in the graph that has tried any kind of vape device or an electronic cigarette.

The evidence indicates that most of the adults that use electronic cigarettes (or vape devices) use them as a means to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. In this study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it is also shown that many adults that have never smoked conventional cigarettes also use e-cigarettes and vape devices.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

The electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that uses e-liquid (that may or may not contain nicotine) and turns it into a vapor that is inhaled into the lungs.

They were first introduced as a means to help people stop smoking tobacco. But they have also had some unconfirmed health effects that are very concerning when young people, especially teens use. That is why there are federal regulations that people under 18 mustn’t use them.

The Rate Of Using E-cigs Is Alarming

Several previous studies have shown that in recent years, the use of these devices among teenagers was on the rise, and has dropped in 2016. According to studies and analyses, about 11% of teens in high school and even 4% of kids in middle school have tried vape devices or electronic cigarettes.

In a two-year study where about 100,000 people were included, there were some alarming findings. The most abundant are users that use electronic cigarettes daily as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes, then there are the people that only use these devices once or twice a week and the people that have tried them only once.

Now, the question is whether or not this is for you? Honestly, if you can quit cold turkey, then do so. However, if you are looking for something that might curb your appetite for tobacco and nicotine, you might want to give some hemp or CBD a shot as an alternative to traditional tobacco.

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