Is CBD Oil Legal In Maryland?


Hemp and CBD oil have been first made legal in Maryland in 2016, for research purposes, of course, and later expansion of the law widened the hemp program, allowing cultivation, processing, and trading of hemp. Maryland people can use medical marijuana since 2014.

CBD oil in Maryland: The Old Line State

The legislative body of Maryland has unanimously voted positive on House Bill 443, allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp for scientific purposes, with the law taking effect on the 1st of October, 2016. Two years later, the House Bill 698 allowed the expansion of the hemp program in the state, allowing the growing of industrial hemp with the ability of selling, marketing, transporting and processing it within the state or outside.

The Maryland Hemp Law allows the use of CBD products, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC and are derived from industrial hemp.

Growing industrial hemp – The basics

Industrial hemp has been grown all across the world for centuries. But today the hemp production is limited in about 30 countries, with China having the majority of the market share, then France, Germany, Canada, and Russia. The US has started planting significant industrial hemp crops since 2018 when it was legalized on a federal level.

Due to the DEA’s policy on marijuana prevention, a lot of the hemp that grows in the wild, and it does grow wild in a lot of places, is destroyed, even though it is not marijuana.

The cannabis plant is one of the most hybridized plants in the world, with a lot of known and unknown varieties. There are strains that are rich in THC, strains that are rich in CBD and strain in between these two, with equal THC and CBD contents. Here I outline two CBD-rich strains that are favored by the medical marijuana users.

  • Harlequin is a very interesting strain, as it almost always develops a CBD vs. THC ratio of 5:2. The high CBD content helps with pain management, anxiety relaxation, helping with depression and inflammation. Once lit, Harlequin produces an earthy, woodsy-smelling smoke with a flowery scent and a fruity flavor.
  • Swiss Tsunami is a CBD-rich strain that usually has about 14% CBD opposed to just 0.5% THC, making it ideal for stress management, helping with depression and fatigue, and relieving symptoms of nausea, pain, and inflammation. The smoke is pungent, slightly skunky, but it leaves a fruity aftertaste in the mouth. It has a sativa-dominant terpene signature, uplifting the mood, and bringing happy feelings.

Maryland CBD oil law

The law in Maryland states that people can grow industrial hemp for research and commercial purposes. The hemp program is governed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, with growers receiving a license as long as the hemp they grow has less than o.3% THC in them.

The use of CBD oil is not sanctioned with any law in the Oyster State, but since it is legal on a federal level, the people from Maryland can freely buy and use CBD products. And with the expansion of the industrial hemp pilot program, it seems like Marylanders will soon start to use CBD products made from locally grown hemp.

Medical marijuana

The State of Maryland has allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes in 2003, but it was much later, in 2014, when the state implemented a dispensary system, bringing the medical marijuana closer to the patients.

The patients need to have one of the qualifying conditions which include anorexia, wasting syndrome, chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, seizures or PTSD, among others, and they can possess a 30-day supply of medical cannabis, but an edible form of cannabis are forbidden. The patients can’t grow cannabis by themselves but can purchase it from one of the 50 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.

The users of medical marijuana need to be registered with the Natalie M. LaParade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, and they can obtain certifications for medical marijuana from physicians, dentists, midwives, and nurses.

No weed for Marylanders (yet)

The Maryland law categorizes marijuana as a Schedule I controlled psychoactive substance, and it is strongly against its use. Still, anyone caught with one joint, or up to 10 grams of marijuana for personal use will be fined with up to $100 and charged with a civil offense. Anything more and it is a year in the joint and a $1000 fine.

Even though the Maryland legislative body has passed Senate Bill 1039 in 2018, pertaining to the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, this law is still not implemented. It is expected that this law will be installed by 2020 and the expected sales of cannabis for recreational use will reach about $298 million.

CBD oil buying options

The CBD market is on the rise in the Queen State, with more and more retail stores carrying this kind of products. There are stores in all the larger cities, right along with the medical marijuana dispensaries like Baltimore, Arnold, Glen Burnie, and Gaithersburg, Carroll, Aberdeen and more.

For people that don’t like to go out and get CBD oil in a retail store, there is always the online purchase, where they can order any type of CBD product they want, as long as it has less than 0.3% CBD, and have it delivered right to their home.


The State of Maryland has allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes in 2016, and later in 2018, the conditions were expanded, allowing the cultivation, processing, and transporting of industrial hemp, which opened new possibilities for a lot of farmers in Maryland.

The state has allowed the use of medical marijuana in 2003, but it was in 2014 when the law was finally implemented, and as of 2018, there are 50 medical cannabis dispensaries across the state. The use of CBD oil is not sanctioned with any law in the Chesapeake State, which means that it is completely legal as per the Farm Bill of 2018. So, Marylanders can freely purchase and use any type of CBD product from a retail store or an online shop, as long as it has less than 0.3% THC.

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is “allowed” by law, but this law is not yet implemented, so Marylanders will have to wait a while longer until they can freely light a joint.

I also recently published an article covering the Massachusetts laws and I encourage you to read that as well. In fact, you should learn the laws of all the states!

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