Isodiol Review

A CBD brand with a great company motto – Helping People Live Better Lives – Globally, Isodiol is a brand that has a lot to be proud of. The Isodiol products are pure, potent and consistent, not to mention versatile. And when I say versatile, I mean it – they offer everything from the standard CBD oil tincture, up to face creams, CBD-infused coffees and everything in between.

The Isodiol CBD Company

Isodiol is a company that produces CBD from organically grown hemp specifically bred for its high CBD content. This company is making a lot of CBD, and they are offering it as a white label product, a bulk offer or wholesale option. Isodiol has CBD skin care products, CBD coffee, CBD water, CBD supplements, CBD topicals, vape liquids and more, and these come at different prices.

The official company website offers quite a bit of information about their company policy, the CBD and hemp extracts they offer and a lot of knowledge-filled articles on how hemp and CBD can improve the quality of life. Still, what I found lacking is the disclosure of the source of hemp and lab test results, as these are only mentioned in passing. They do however say that they use GMO-free, organically grown hemp, but not the location where the hemp is grown.

Isodiol is the parent company for many other CBD brands like RapidCBD, Aquivita, Cannaceutilcals, Iso-Sport, Pot-o-Coffee, CBDExtreme, BioActive, Isoderm, Bradley’s Brand, and NanoBoost. Each of these uses the CBD provided by Isodiol which is pure, potent and nano-treated for improved quality, bioavailability, and overall benefits.

If anyone is interested, Isodiol also sells CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil by the kilo. This company has been very active in the field of innovation, with several proprietary delivery methods of CBD that help increase the bioavailability of CBD in the body and increase its effectiveness. There is micro-encapsulated, time-released CBD which is good for use in topicals, 99%+pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD, and water-soluble hemp complex for infusing water, drinks or other CBD product and their flagship product, the ISO99TMTM Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil.

The Products

Most of the products are branded under the different brands under the Isodiol parentage, but they offer some of their products under their Isodiol BioActive brand: NanoMist, Adaptogenic Herbal Tincture, Xtend Caps and Sleep Shots. Each of these is made with the ISO99TMTM Bioactive Anhydrous Hemp Oil and an array of other ingredients that help boost the health of the body and mind, and improve wellness.

The Isodiol company has a compassionate care program offering specific products at special rates for people with specific health issues that can be greatly improved with the use of CBD. Otherwise, their products are fairly priced, ranging from $20 up to $170. If you feel like it, you can even get one kilogram of CBD oil in bulk for about $3600.


During my research into the Isodiol CBD brand, most of the things I read, I liked. The several CBD brands that operate under the Isodiol umbrella complete the wide product offer. The innovative extraction methods used by the company and the increased bioavailability of Isodiol’s CBD make the Isodiol products quite appealing.

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