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The State of Illinois passed a law in 2014, regulating the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, becoming the 20th state in the USA to allow the medical application of marijuana. Four years later, in 2018, the state passed the Industrial Hemp Act, effectively establishing a program allowing the growth, cultivation, and processing of industrial hemp, under a license of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

CBD Laws In Illinois, The Prairie State

According to the Cannabis Control Act of 2014, it is legal for a person in Illinois to buy and use CBD oil as long as it has less than 1% THC. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was made legal in 2013, with some stipulation related to its use. The user needs a written certification from a doctor and needs to be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions.

The basics about CBD

The cannabis plants produce about 113 cannabinoid compounds, among which most famous are THC and CBD. The THC-producing varieties are known as marijuana, and the CBD-producing varieties are known as hemp. The hemp grown as a crop is known as industrial hemp and is a raw material for making rope, fiber, textile, paper, biofuel, and of course CBD oil.

There are cannabis strains that can produce a lot of THC and very little CBD and vice versa. Also, there are strains that can produce a balanced THC vs. CBD ratio, making them ideal for treating many conditions, and here I bring you two very famous CBD-rich strains.

  • 3D CBD is a strain specifically created to be used by people in need of the relief CBD has to offer. It usually has a 5:8 THC vs. CBD content, and it has a mellow high that leaves the mid in an uplifted, talkative state, while the pain goes away, as do stress, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Even though it is a sativa-dominant strain, it is a great “cure” for insomnia.
  • Sour Tsunami is a balanced strain with 1:1 THC vs. CBD, which sometimes leans more towards the CBD side, with ratios going as far as 4:1. It has many medical benefits, like helping relieve depression, nausea, lack of appetite, work as pain management, and is especially effective in helping reduce epileptic seizures. It leaves the mind focused and uplifted, with most of the effects focused on helping with the health issues.

CBD Oil law in Illinois

The legal use of CBD oil in Illinois was made possible in 2014, with the Cannabis Control Act, which says that the CBD oil needs to have less than 1% THC. In 2018, the state worked on the Industrial Hemp Act, allowing the cultivation and processing of hemp in the state, allowing the people to use hemp and CBD product grown in their state.

Medical marijuana

The Land of Lincoln allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes. To be eligible for this program, the patients need to be registered and need to be diagnosed with a debilitating condition. Some of the qualifying debilitating conditions include cancer, glaucoma, lupus, hepatitis C, spinal cord injury, PTSD, muscular dystrophy, hydrocephalus, and a lot more conditions.

The patients only need a doctor’s diagnosis, with veterans enjoying facilitating terms like supplying medical records from VA. Also, per the law, any registered patient can have 2½ ounces of cannabis for a 14-day period. The people still can’t grow their cannabis a home and can get it from the 54 approved state-licensed dispensaries that currently serve about 40,000 patients.

While there is no law permitting the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes, there are facilitating conditions for first-time offenders caught with 10 grams or less. They are only required to pay a fine and be on their way. Any larger quantity is punishable with a fine and jail sentence.

In March 2018, about 66% of Illinoisans have voted in a poll concerning the legalization of marijuana for adult use. In May 2019, the Illinois Governor introduced a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, setting the stage for state-licensed dispensaries and for the state to collect revenue from sales (similar to the other US states with legal adult use of cannabis).

CBD oil buying options

The best places to get good quality CBD oil in Illinois is in the CBD stores across Chicago and some of the larger cities across the state. Many of these carry products from reputable brands, as per the law, the CBD oil used in the Garden of the West needs to have less than 1% THC.

To simplify things, many Illinoisans chose a simpler route – the online order. There are many brands with good CBD products that have excellent purchase options through their online shops. These also have lab test results published, proving the content of CBD and THC in their products.


Ever since 2014, it is legal to buy and use CBD oil (and other CBD products) in the Prairie State, as long as it has less than 1% THC. Since the growing of industrial hemp has been proven as a very effective way of creating revenue for many states, the state of Illinois has started its own Hemp program in 2018.

To help people with severe medical issues, this state allows the registered patients to use marijuana as a medication. As for the adult use, at the moment, there is a law in the making that will hopefully legalize the use of weed very soon.

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