Hemp Tacos? Medtillas In Los Angeles Now Serves Them Up!


Known by the taco shop in Los Angeles as “medtillas,” locals can get traditional or hemp-infused tacos at this unique establishment.

What’s not to love about tacos and what’s not to love about him? Both tacos and hemp are very versatile, so 2018 calls for a combination of both. You can go to the natural grocery store and find hemp protein, hemp oil, hemp vitamins, and basically, hemp infused anything so it’s only natural to now add it into the food we love.

Medtillas Hemp Tacos

Finally, Tacos With Hemp Are Here!

To make things clear, the whole taco isn’t infused with hemp- only the tortilla. Hence the name “medtilla.” Medtilla is the name of the company, and their whole menu is available online so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Medtilla serves “fresh, authentic, and tasty” tacos dorados (fried tacos) and their ingredients are always fresh and USDA grade. Not only can you stop by and buy yourself some hemp tacos at a very good cost, but you can have your parties catered as well.

The owners of this shop, Robert Donovan, Chris Vaca, and Betsey Leon are very educated about the hemp and medical marijuana industry, as Donovan owns a hydroponic supply shop within the same building. Therefore, he was prepared for the reactions that he would get from customers and visitors.

Donovan doesn’t believe people are ready or educated about hemp and what his Taco shop implies. When speaking with Eater.com, Robert Donovan stated, “You see hemp extracts everywhere, or even hemp protein powder. But there’s a lot of confusion about what it is.”

The hemp-infused tortilla shells are far from many people’s concerns- they do not get you high. However, due to people’s concerns, Medtillas sells hemp-infused tortillas in prepackaged form, and offer three other non-hemp tacos: shredded beef, potato, and vegetarian. Their hemp-infused tacos come in packages of five, and they are handmade and gluten-free. Also, they pride themselves on being very affordable in an area that usually charges an arm and a leg for food- they even reduced their already low prices in January 2018.

Betsey Leon’s family tortilla recipe from Sinaloa is the heart of the cooking and where the restaurant got its start, and they are proud of their establishment that is attracting thousands of customers. They even came out with their own organic vitamin drink called Hemp2O.

Being well-versed in the hemp industry has worked out to Medtillas benefits, and they were very careful about letting people assume that their food is for medical purposes with the disclaimer, “All Hemp containing products are made from industrially processed hemp seed oil, and contain no THC or any psychoactive components. Per FDA regulations, we do not make any claim as to any medicinal benefit of these products, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease”

Medtillas, of the art district in Los Angeles, already has nearly all 5-star reviews and their name has landed them many amazing compliments. People are sick of candy edibles and are moving on to tacos for their daily dose of hemp.

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