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CBD (which is short for Cannabidiol) is becoming more and more popular, and with its abundance of benefits, it is no wonder that many companies look for more effective and creative delivery methods. One such company is Calm Vape, a daughter brand of The Kind Pen, which is a well-established company in this industry. Here I’ll be bringing you a review of the brand, as well as its products.

Calm Vape CBD Pen

Calm Vape – Overview/Summary

The Kind Pen company is known for bringing amazing and revolutionary products to the vaping industry like CBD oil vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, discreet lighter popes and the like. Being a subsidiary of The Kind Pen company, we can expect great things from the Calm Vape system.

Calm Vape is bringing a CBD vaping system on the market, which is not a totally new thing. That said, their pods are filled with 100% pure organic hemp oil. The vaping system is simple and easy to use, it comes with all the amenities one may think of: buttonless design, a universal micro-USB charger, and prefilled disposable CBD pods in multiple strengths.

The real magic behind the Calm Vape is their pod system. The prefilled CBD pods contain organic hemp oil containing all the important phytocannabinoids and terpenes, with completely removed THC and without any propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The pods are the perfect choice for people looking for pain relief and relaxation, and they come in different concentrations of CBD.

The company website is very modern in its design, offering an abundance of information about the brand and the products, as well as readily available lab test results. There is free shipping on orders over $75, which is always nice.

The company claims that they produce their hemp oil from certified Colorado-grown hemp, but on their FAQ page, they say that their hemp oil is CO2 extracted from European industrial hemp plants. They also say that they isolate the CBD from the oil, purifying then concentrating it and adding plant terpenes to it for achieving the entourage effect. While all this is nice and good, I did not like this inconsistency about their source material.

Still, with its excellent parentage, the Calm Vape company does not seem like a fake and there are many satisfied users that have raving reviews about these products. So there must be something to this.

Highlights of Calm Vape


  • Affordable prices
  • 100% organic hemp oil
  • Sleekly designed CBD vaping system
  • Lab test results readily available on the website (50mg, 100mg, 200mg)


Types Of Products

  • Vape cbd

Quick Company Facts

Company Established Date: 2017

Official Company Name: The Kind Group, LLC

Hemp Origin: America (Colorado), Europe as well

Product Price Range: $-$$ $30-60

Product Availability: Available In All 50 States

Purchase Offers: One-time purchase, bulk, wholesale

Lab Test Results: Readily available online

Support/Customer Service: Online contact form, phone: (888)-330-2353

Shipping Policy: Standard USPS shipping, priority shipping, free shipping of orders over $75

Return Policy: 30-day money-back option

Where to Buy: Calm Vape online shop, Calm Vape Instashop

Coupon Code

The good people at Calm Vape know the advantages a fair-priced product brings. That is why they have priced their vape systems and pods at a reasonable price.

But to further sweeten the deal, they offer a 25% Off coupon to anyone that signs up on their site and regular discounts for people that follow them on social media.

The Calm Vape offer is simple – a CBD vape system with pre-filled pods in three different concentrations of CBD, along with Calm pods for the Juul vape device.

Calm Vape 50mg Starter Kit

Starter Kit by Calm Vape

The perfect option for any beginner in vaping and CBD. The starter kit contains the Calm Vape rechargeable device with a micro UBS charger, as well as 2 pods with 50mg of CBD per each 1ml pod. This is ideal when you are on the go and want the boost CBD can deliver. Take a puff and you are ready to conquer the day.

50mg Pod 2-Pack

replacement pods 50mg

The pre-filled Calm Vape pod with 50mg of CBD per each 1ml pod. This pod is great for beginners, as it contains 50 mg of pure CBD blended with full spectrum organic hemp oil in a base of MCT coconut oil and is labeled with a green label line.

The flavor is natural, with no added ingredients to affect the taste or the quality of the CBD oil. Each pod is made in the USA and contains an approximate of 300 puffs.

100mg Pod 2-Pack

100mg cbd vape pod

The pre-filled Calm Vape pod with 100mg of CBD per each 1ml pod. The pod is filled with full spectrum organic hemp oil along with MCT coconut oil and 100mg of pure CBD and is labeled with a red label line.

You don’t have to worry about burning yourself or destroying the CBD as the vape pen is pre-set on the correct voltage. Insert the pod in the Calm Vape system and you are ready to go.

200mg Pod 2-Pack

200mg Vape Pod Kit

An amazingly strong concentration of 200mg of pure CBD in a 1ml pod. The oil inside the pod is full spectrum organic hemp oil along with MCT coconut oil, with 200mf of CBD and less than 0.3% THC, the strongest Calm Vape pod is labeled with a white label line.

The pod is disposable and easy to use, simply plug it into the Calm Vape pen and you are ready to enjoy the effects of the CBD. The flavor of the vapors is natural, with no artificial ingredients and each pod is enough for approximately 300 puffs.

Calm Vape Device Device only

The Calm Vape device is sleekly designed, with an elegant black finish. It features buttonless operation, weighs only 0.67 ounces. It is lightweight, yet powerful enough to allow frequent use.

The vaping battery has a capacity of 310mAh, it charges in less than 2 hours, the resistance is 1.6 Ohms and the output voltage is at constant 3.5V. The Calm Vape pen is pre-set at a lower output, so you don’t have to worry about burning your mouth, or burning the CBD, as it always delivers a smooth, full-flavored vapor at the perfect temperature.

Calm pods for Juul (100mg)

Vape pods 100mg

If you don’t want to purchase the Calm Vape pen, and happen to have a Juul vape device, then you can get yourself the disposable Calm pod for Juul. The Calm pod for Juul is compatible with each Juul device and comes with a 100mg of CBD per 1ml pod, along with full-spectrum organic hemp oil and strain-specific terpene profile, and is enough for about 300 puffs. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase the 50mg pods with a green label, the 100mg pods with a red label or the 200mg pods with a white label.

Wrapping Things Up

There are lots of product options out there for those that are avid vape users. I’m not a hardcore vaper, but I do enjoy this product. Some of my close friends seem to really enjoy this as well. If you’re interested in purchasing the products, then I encourage you to check out their online store (link below).

Click Here To Visit The Calm Vape Store

Looking for more CBD vape products? If so, then you might want to check out the top 3 stores we’ve ranked below.

1. Vaporfi

vaporfi logo

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direct vapor logo

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