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Smoking different herbs is not a new thing. People have smoked different herbs for ages, whether in religious rituals or for relief from pain. This trend carried on, and it was after WWII when people became obsessed with cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes was cool way back in the day, but that time passed 5 decades ago.

A lot of people still have a habit of lighting up a cigarette and inhaling the thick, aromatic smoke. It is undeniable that smoking cigarettes has a strong calming effect on the nerves and it can help with anxiety. But it also has a long list of adverse effects caused by some of the compounds in tobacco.

In recent times, smoking a new type of herbal blend has become popular. Yes, we are talking about CBD-rich hemp cigarettes, which are not a new invention but are gaining momentum. Read on for more info on this type of cigarette along with recommendations of the best CBD hemp cigarette brands.

best cbd cigarettes

Why Smoke A Hemp CBD Cigarette?

Industrial hemp has become completely legal in the USA, and this has paved the way for a lot more hemp-based products to reach the market. Hemp CBD cigarettes, as they are called are among the products that have reached a more popular status. Smoking hemp cigarettes has several benefits over smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes or even marijuana joints.

Hemp is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. The most abundant cannabinoid in hemp is CBD, but there are about 100 more that are present in smaller quantities.

There are plenty of terpenes that contribute to the smell of the plant and these also have their effects. All of these bring what is called an entourage effect – the combined, synergistic effect of the hemp’s compounds on the body.

Smoking CBD Is Much Different Than Tobacco

Tobacco is the base in cigarettes, and it is full of organic compounds. Some are beneficial, but most are not good for health at all. We are talking primarily about nicotine and tar. These two are the bane of every tobacco smoker, as they are linked to having strong negative effects on the health. These are linked to causing lung cancer, emphysema, and other health problems.

Unlike these, hemp does not have any nicotine, tar, or the other harmful compounds found in tobacco. But it is rich in CBD, helping with anxiety, pain, PTSD, stress, appetite, sleep, and more. You’ve certainly heard about CBD oil, capsules, edibles, body topicals, and CBD vapes. While taking CBD orally has merits, it takes a while for the action to take place.

But CBD vapes have a very fast-acting time, seeing as the CBD gets through the lungs in the bloodstream. It is the same with CBD cigarettes. The CBD from the hemp cigarette gets in the lungs where it is instantly absorbed and it reaches the blood, and from there it is distributed throughout the body. So, when you require a fast-acting CBD product, then using CBD vape of CBD hemp cigarette is the way to get it.

Hemp vs. Weed

No, hemp is not weed. Hemp and marijuana have the same ancestors and both of these plants belong to the Cannabis Sativa genus of plants. Even though they look alike, these two are different plants. Namely, marijuana is producing THC – a compound that has psychoactive effects. And marijuana is usually consumed by smoking. You know, joint, doobie, blunt, reefer, spliff… and plenty of other slang names for the same thing.

Unlike marijuana, hemp does not produce THC (only but a small amount that is less than 0.3%). Hemp is rich in CBD – a non-psychoactive compound that has positive health benefits. Depending on the variety of hemp, the CBD amount can go up to 25%. This makes it good for you, and you can use CDB from hemp plants in a variety of ways, as an extract, added in foods or drinks, in a pill form, or smoke it.

The hemp flowers look similar to marijuana flowers, and these can be rolled the same as joints. But instead of getting high, you will get relief from CBD. Still, some people stay away from joints of any type as these are still frowned upon, even though are made from hemp flower. So, the next choice is using CBD hemp cigarettes.

Before you ask, no, there is no tobacco in hemp cigarettes, these are made from pure hemp plants. But the cigarette shape is more people-friendly, as it is more common to see people lighting a cigarette in public than is to see the light a joint. Also, people that are looking to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes turn to smoke hemp cigarettes. These are the same shape and size but without any nicotine.

Top CBD Cigarette Brands

No matter the reason why you can pick up a pack of hemp cigarettes and enjoy the relaxing effects these bring. We used price, composition, and packaging as factors during the selection. Here is our selection of the top CBD cigarette brands you can find on the market now:

Plain Jane

Plain Jane’s main focus is on smokable hemp products, and among these, they make CBD cigarettes named Hemp PreRolls. I covered the Plain Jane brand here. These pre-rolls are made from Oregon-grown hemp and contain a proprietary blend of several strains – Elektra, Lifter, and Spur Space Candy.

These are smell-free, as they have been processed removing the weedy smell of hemp. So, you can safely and discretely consume these in public, getting a good dose of CBD directly in your lungs, helping you maintain a balanced rhythm.

Colorado Pure Hemp

The Colorado Pure Hemp Company makes hemp-based products from organic smokable hemp, according to their website. Their CBD hemp cigarettes, or hemp sticks as they’ve named them, are packed in a pack of 20 and have less than 0.3% THC, but contain all the useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the raw hemp.

These are full of flavor, are lab-tested, and present a perfect opportunity for smoking tobacco cigarettes. Selling at about $14 per pack, these are also affordable, as each CBD hemp stick has about 40 mg of CBD and other active cannabinoids.

Wild Hemp

Wild Hemp has named its CBD cigarettes as hempettes, and we think this is an excellent wordplay, clearly defining the actual product. These are made with dry hemp leaves and flowers from a US-grown industrial hemp plant. Each Wild Hemp hempette offers between 50 and 75mg of CBD.

They are packed in a pack of 20 hempettes, with an interesting, fun design. The THC content is minimal, or less than 0.3%, so there is no chance of getting high from these, or breaking any laws by possessing them.

Aspen Valley Hemp Company

This CBD brand is well-versed in all things hemp-related. Their aim is on the hemp plant, and their main offer is for dried hemp flowers and other smokables, so they sell hemp joints and hemp cigarettes.

Their CBD Hemp cigarettes are packed in packs of 20 cigarettes, with an average price of about $14. The CBD hemp cigarettes contain pure dried hemp flower and leaf and are free from nicotine and tobacco. The average content of CBD in each cigarette is about 10% CBD, with less than 0.3% THC, and each weighs about 0.85 grams.

Conclusion: CBD Cigarettes Are Good

Using hemp is a good way of reaping the benefits of this plant. If you are a fan of smoking, then you can select CBD hemp cigarettes as a preferred delivery method, and get a good dose of CBD this way. The cigarettes are made from dry hemp flowers and leaves and are tightly rolled and shaped like cigarettes. This makes them discreet and you can use them in public, or anywhere, anytime when you need a quick boost of CBD.

The great thing about CBD hemp cigarettes is that all of these are made from dry hemp flower, meaning they have full-spectrum ingredients and they bring with them the entourage effect. We’ve also selected the top CBD brands that sell hemp cigs, so you can easily find a product for you. Just take your pick and make a purchase.

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