We made the decision in July 2020 to acquire and merge with The entire website will eventually merge with by the end of July 2020.

ProHempOil merger

All of the content from the site is in the process of being archived here in order to persevere everything previously published. We’ve decided to do this in an effort to provide more in-depth content for our readers. This will also allow us to focus on one publication versus two.


The site was founded in 2018 as a website purely dedicated to keeping consumers informed and up-to-date with information related to the CBD and hemp industry.

Over a period of two years, many useful guides were created along with CBD brand reviews and product analysis. Below you will find some of the most popular articles and reviews that were once published on Prohempoil but are now archived on Truthabouthemp.

Sauc CBD Oil Review

Gold CBD Hemp Co Review

The website also published popular guides that have been cataloged and archived here as well. You’ll find links to the most popular guides below:


Interested in learning more about is a trusted, non-biased resource for consumers looking online for marijuana, CBD, and hemp information. The site was founded in 2011.

You can read all about our site and the team behind it here.

If you want to learn more about how got started and the history behind that site, please see below for a previously published About Page from Zach Black. We felt it was important to share this information with consumers.

About From Zach Black:

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Find out why I created this site and what it’s all about. My name is Zach Black and I’m the brainchild behind this website.

Before kicking things off, I want to share our goal and mission with you.

To build relationships with hemp oil consumers and CBD advocates – worldwide.

That IS what’s most important to us. We’re not like the rest. We are not out to try and get you to buy some product we don’t believe in.


We simply want to be the best CBD oil and hemp oil resource made for consumers, by consumers – that’s it.  

I decided to launch ProHempOil in 2018 due to the lack of research out there on hemp oil and CBD containing products. The objective was simple and short, provide the most up-to-date and non-biased information on cannabidiol containing products. I wanted to provide honest feedback on well-established and emerging brands within the hemp industry. Not only that, I set out to create a media channel that speaks the honest truth about this industry and where things are headed.

Full disclosure, myself and the other editors of Pro Hemp Oil are not doctors, pharmacists, or physicians of any kind. We’re simply consumers that have become passionate about the use of CBD products to treat various issues and ailments.

We want to provide readers with information that they can use and take immediate action on. Nothing more, nothing less. You will not find any fluff here.

When you think about it, purchasing a product is simple, but more common than not, we tend to forget to do research before buying. Initially, I set out to test products and document them for my 70-year-old uncle. He was raving about them and I told him I’d like to investigate the brands before he began taking them. Sure enough, he was right, they worked and they worked well.

Back in the day, I would have completely brushed him off, but I’d taken a completely new outlook and approach these days. Now the two of us test out CBD products and we review the good, bad, and ugly of each one we encounter.

Pro Hemp Oil takes all the bogus marketing fluff and overselling out of the products. We cut to the chase and core of each of them, focusing on CBD content and customer satisfaction, nothing more.

You can expect to find detailed write-ups of many brands, products, and more, all nicely packaged in a convenient format just for you.

We personally pay for each and every product reviewed and we are not paid to write reviews. In fact, the reviews are raw and real as it gets.

However, our site financially stands through the support of affiliate transactions, meaning, if you buy something from our site, we may get a kickback from the company. However, that’s not always the case.

Please enjoy browsing the website and have fun reading the updates.

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Pro Hemp Oil 5-Star Ratings System

All of our 5-star ratings which have been showcased are a direct reflection of how we feel about the brand and product. You should assume that if we’re praising a certain CBD oil brand, then it’s likely one that we’ve done significant research on and suggest trying out.

In order to provide the public with these ratings, we go out of our way to research and test these products.

Of course, making a purchase is a personal choice, but we’ve done our best to try and do what we can to carefully research each product and determine whether or not it’s a smart buy for the average consumer.