CBD Oil For Multiple Sclerosis


It is known that the regular use of CBD can have beneficial effects on different health conditions. The most notable uses are as stress relief, pain relief, anxiety relief, and improving the general well-being of the body. One unfamiliar reason to take CBD oil is that it can help people suffering from some more severe illnesses like multiple sclerosis (MS).

cbd oil for Multiple Sclerosis

Is CBD Beneficial For Multiple Sclerosis?

A man affected by the complications of multiple sclerosis by the name of Daniel Sjerven and his family started a business selling their own CBD brand and named it CBD Health. This is something that is not uncommon today, but while most of the people starting these brands are looking for the profits and customers, Daniel’s story is a little different.

Daniel Sjerven’s Battle

Daniel has been suffering from adult-onset MS for some time and after experimenting with different medications, he discovered CBD supplements and he’s noticed incredible relief of his symptoms. The symptoms were severe initially and as time went on, the symptoms became more intense. Daniel’s body was always tired and he had difficulty moving his right arm and leg. After confirming the diagnosis, he began searching for alternative treatments online and came across CBD as a viable option for illnesses like MS. He decided that he had nothing to lose and gave CBD a chance.

According to Daniel, the results were astonishing. Before he started the CBD, he experienced fatigue, had trouble getting out of bed, and had limited mobility in his arms and legs. After only a short period of time using CBD products, he felt energized, regained movement in all limbs and could easily perform daily tasks.

Daniel’s positive outcome with CBD is what inspired him and his family to open their own shop, CBD Health of Eagan, in their hometown of Eagan, Minnesota. Their brand policy is aimed at helping other people with similar illnesses and their products are crafted to fit the specific needs of people with autoimmune diseases.

Top Quality Products

While the CBD oil sold by the company isn’t made by the Sjerven family, they are devoted to obtaining the top quality full-spectrum oil from their suppliers, ensuring a very high-quality product for their customers. To be certain that they are offering a pure and potent product, they follow the production process and have a seed-to-shelf guarantee on their products.

The company website is easy to navigate and includes basic information on their products. For further information about their products—gummies, tinctures, water-soluble drops, pain cream, e-juice, lotions, vape pens, and pet products—you may contact the shop by phone or email. If you’re in the local Eagan area, visit their shop where you can get free samples and have the opportunity to meet the owner.

CBD Health of Eagan

I support the idea of having CBD brands that cater to a very specific clientele and I want to wish them success, as it is not often that people are driven by the idea of helping people in need instead of padding their bank accounts.

Keep In Mind

Because the CBD industry still doesn’t have any strict regulations, it is advisable when purchasing any type of CBD product to be certain it’s being sold by a reputable seller that you are confident they’re following the proper guidelines. It’s also best if the seller has a strong work ethic and can educate customers on the products being sold.

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